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Sailor Gene Gardner was born exactly one year ago!

Sailor Gene - be happy and strong, be a good boy,
a good younger brother to Milo
And a great older brother to (?)

Best wishes to mom Liv, dad David, grandparents,
and brother Milo (we remember your first birthday as well!)

LLT team

Liv attended a special launch/party event last night at Belstaff' store in NYC.

Liv's short film was premiered at the event.

Photos at Daily Mail and Rex.

Liv posted a short video clip at her Instagram

Update: Nice report from the event at Forbes!

Liv stars in a new short film Falling Up - part of Belstaff' campaign.

In the film, which was also produced by Liv, she plays Amelia Earhart - the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

E! Online posted a 15-seconds teaser from the film!

"We'd been thinking of ways to tell the story of who the Belstaff woman really is - free-spirited, independent, brave. Amelia was the perfect inspiration."

"Besides wearing Belstaff back then, she was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic by herself and attempted to fly around the world. She was such a strong, powerful, intelligent, yet feminine, woman. It was an honor to play a woman based on such an incredible inspiring icon."

Click here to see the teaser!

It is unclear to us when (and in which platform) the short film will be unveiled - it is possible that it will be shown at Belstaff Women's Winter'16 presentation during London Fashion Week on Feb. 21, along with Liv's designed capsule collection for Belstaff. Stay tuned!

Update: the filmed was premiered at last night's Belstaff party.

Liv is featured in Evening Stadard with some new photos (by Tom Craig) and an interview - talking about her ambitions to perform in musical.

ES website posted some snippets from the interview, along with couple of photos - Click here!

Update: ES posted the full interview - Click here!

Our Liv attended the Critics' Choice Awards ceremony last night in Santa Monica, California.
Liv presented an award along with Justin Theroux, and also met a long time fellow elf friend.
Liv's co-star Carrie Coon won best actress in a drama series.

More photos at Daily Mail (with a short clip), GettyImages, WireImage, Rex and Newscom.

E! posted an interview with Liv on Youtube!.

Liv posted a very cute selfie in her way to the show.

Update: More photos in our Gallery!

Update 2: We got the clip of Liv and Justing presenting "best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie award" - Click here!

Milo and Sailor are about to get a new brother/sister soon!!

Liv announced it herself earlier today (and added a cute photo):
Oh my goodness it seems the stork is visiting us again !!!! I am growing another little Tyler Gardner in my belly . our family is growing!!! So grateful. @davidgardner I love you

Liv's fiance David Gardner also posted a photo and wrote:
My beautiful baby is pregnant !!!! Sooooooo excited and so blessed, I love you @misslivalittle X

Liv's mother Bebe Buell Tweeted:
I love U,my daughter= @LivTyler & ur daddy @IamStevenT & I R over the moon w/ glee! Here's me at almost 8mos. w/ U!x

And added (referring Liv's dad Steven Tyler):
Guess the meow meow's out of the bag~our baby is having another bebe! Fingers crossed for a little girl this time?? #thrilled @IamStevenT xo

Liv's father Steven Tyler Tweeted:

Congrats to Liv and family from LLT.com !!

As you might have already noticed, llt.com has completed it's new design - well .. all sections but one.

But worry not! A brand new, improved, re-designed gallery (with some cool new features) will be online in the next few days.

Update: New gallery is on!

This is the perfect time to congratulate Rianon and Mata for their great effort, and wonderful result!!

Happy New Year!

Happy (belated) Birthday to Liv's sister Mia Tyler (December 22nd)!

And Happy Holidays!

Jimmy Kimmel Live aired their "Mean Tweets" episode last night with Liv reading a mean Tweet about her ... well, not really about her.

Click here

It's a birthday for Liv's eldest son!

Have a great celebration with your wonderful family
Be happy, be awesome - and be a great brother to little Sailor!

LLT team