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Last week we got it totally wrong ... OK not totally cause it turned out that we only missed it by a week!

Watch this week's episode of The Leftovers ("The Most Powerful Man in the World").

- and to answer our own question on the title - YES :D (spoiler... yeh)

Update: Short interview of Liv and co-stars at IndieWire.com (you may want to watch the new episode before reading it)

Update 2: Short interview for Inverse.com (you may want to watch the new episode before reading it. too)

Update 3: Interview on Hollywood Reporter

We have a feeling that you want to watch the new episode of The Leftovers tonight (Episode 6 - Certified, HBO, 9pm US time).

- And not only because of this Liv post on Instagram!

Update: to answer our own question on the title - NO :/
(but nice tease by Liv!)

Liv and Dave attended the launch of Kate Moss's new jewelry line, last night in London.

More photos at Daily Mail, WireImage, GettyImages and Rex

A new nephew for Liv, and a new cousin for Milo, Sailor and Lula -
Liv's sister Mia Tyler gave birth yesterday (May 10th) to Axton Joseph.
This is the first son for Mia and her spouse Dan Halen.

Mia posted this photos on her Instagram:

The love of my life has finally arrived and I am now complete. No words can explain how I am feeling. Just pure unfiltered love. My son, Axton born May 10th at 5:45 am

Congratulation form LLT.com!

Read more at People.

Update: Liv wrote on her Instagram (along with another photo of Mia and Axton):
My beautiful strong sleepy sister Mia had a baby boy yesterday morning. Congratulations @miatyler @danowar_usa sweet little Axton welcome to the world. We love you so much

Refinery29 talked to Liv about motherhood and the new Gap video.

Click here

Huffingtonpost.co.uk posted an interview with Liv, poart of their Wise Words interview series - "where stars from a whole range of fields share the important life lessons they've learned along the way".

Click here for the interview

W Magazine talked to Liv about her latest trip to Tokyo, Japan.

Click here to read the interview

Liv, Sailor and Lula (among others) are the stars of a new video ad - Mama Said.

The 'Celebration of Motherhood' clip is a collaboration between Liv, Gap and Every Mother Counts organization.

Liv was also directed the very cute video with Paola Kudacki.

The clip is also featuring Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Coco Rocha, Cass Bird, Candice Swanepoel - and their children.

Liv and Lula

You can watch the video on Liv's Instagram!

Read more at Daily Mail, Standard, Grazia Daily, FeamleFirst and Hello!

Update: Hello also posted the 'Making Of' the video - Click!

Update 2: Full, HD quality videos were posted by Gap on YouTube:
Mama Said
Behind The Scenes

Update 3: A short interview with Liv along with a photo - Click

Update 4: Liv talked to GQ Magazine about parenthood - Click!

Liv attanded the "Lost In Space event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the OMEGA Speedmaster" last night in London.

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Short clip at AP@YouTube

Liv finds out about her father's mother's side of the family - musicians, large families, soldier who fought in Gettysburg.

Very interesting and touching!

If you're in the US - you can watch it on TLC website

If you're not in the US - Click here to watch it!