5 new pics at the Gallery - Thanks to Rianon!
9 new pics at the Gallery - Thanks to Rianon and Sanne!
15 new pics at the Gallery - Thanks to McClaire, Rianon and Sanne!
Indiewire.com shares some photos and official synopsis for second season of The Leftovers.

After last season's elaborate Memorial Day initiative by the Guilty Remnant plunged Mapleton into chaos, season two of THE LEFTOVERS finds many searching for a fresh start. Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) has retired from his post as chief of police of Mapleton and is moving his new family to Texas.
Meg (Liv Tyler) remains in the Guilty Remnant, it may not be the same cult she originally joined.

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The Leftovers returns October 4th on HBO.

It's Liv's mother Bebe Buell's birthday!

Happy Birthday Bebe

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Dear Liv,

Previous year was magical,
when baby Sailor came into the world

We wish you and your growing family
health and beauty, happiness and fun.

And, after taking care of the most important things,
- a smooth return to the small/big screen!

From your loving fans,

LLT team

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Congratulations to Chelsea!

According to US Weekly Liv's youngest sister Chelsea Tyler married her fiance Jon Foster, last Saturday in Carmel, California.

Liv along with other family members attended the ceremony.

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InStyle magazine has a short tidbit about Liv - "Transformation", showing various photos from the past 20 years. We got the scan!

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Liv attended the Stella McCartney's Spring 2016 Resort Presentation, yesterday in New York.

More photos at WireImage, GettyImages, Rex, Newscom and Daily Mail.

A video also on Daily Mail.

Update: Short interview with Liv on Yahoo!, when she also talked about the coat she wore:
"You know when you feel like you have to wear something? I know it's June. I know it's 80 degrees out. I know there's no excuse for this, except that it's beautiful and amazing and I'm determined to wear it."

Not so much news lately, but we've found some great old videos and a mag - never seen before on llt.com!

Let's start with "Entertainment Tonight" presenting a new 14 years old model:

MTV talking to Liv on the set of the new film "Empire":

Liv's first appearance on Letterman, that's 1997:

And some old mag from 1996 - "Dazed & confused", with photos by Joshua Jordan:

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Liv gave a video interview, via the internet, to Goldderby.com - talking extensively about The Leftovers (yes - also about the second season).

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Happy Mother's Day!

Especially to Milo's & Sailor's mom!

Liv and Dave attended the opening night of 'La Fille Mal Gardee' ballet, last night at The Royal Opera House in London.

More photos at Daily Mail, GettyImages, WireImage, Rex and Newscom.