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Liv News 01-Apr-97 From Movie Star to Macho Momma?
Update: Happy April Fool's Day!!

From Belle Magazine:

Liv Tyler, from Movie Star to Macho Momma?

Liv Tyler, 29, star of such films as Lord of the Rings and Armageddon, has decided on a new venture in life- kickboxing!
Wife of rocker Royston Langdon- with whom she has a son, Milo William, 27 months- recently returned to her roots when she donned boxing gloves to star in Langdon’s latest music video.

Arckid, the latest musical endeavour for Langdon and his brothers Christian and Jonny, scored high when they got Liv, Summer Phoenix and other actresses to stage fights in the video for their new song ‘Stick Around’. Acting as director for the music video is Oscar-winning actor and Tyler’s one-time fiancé, Joaquin Phoenix.

As a Hollywood movie star and full-time mom, you may think that Liv has her plate full. But not so! After entering the ring to lay a few punches on her husband, Liv realised that not only did she enjoy boxing- she was good at it.

“Oh she’s a star alright,” said brother-in-law and band member Christian Langdon when asked about Tyler’s boxing prowess; “She scared us all! She was in there with my brother Roy, really laying into the poor guy! It was all in fun but it turns out she’s a natural, infact she took it futher than the video- right after we’d wrapped shooting, she’d lined up a few lessons with our onset trainer Mike Dirwen.”

Dirwen, a New York native and a star himself on the boxing circuit, was more than happy to oblige. Our sources confirm that Tyler has been to his studio every week since their first meeting two months ago. Dirwen was not available for comment, but his representative gave us this exciting news:

“I can confirm that one Ms. Tyler has been signed up for the 2008 Women’s Category Kickboxing Championships, to be held at Chelsea Piers sport center, NY, on October 17th 2008.”

So will Liv Tyler be ditching the big screen for the boxing ring? “I know she’s already turned down one movie role, I can’t really say which one,” comments Christian Langdon, “But she’s definitely getting into her training, she’s put herself on a macrobiotic diet and Roy’s doing it with her, lots of fish and veg, they’re no fun at dinner parties anymore! If you’re a kickboxing competitor, I’d watch out for Liv coming at ya in the near future.”

So Tyler fans, it looks like you’re more likely to find Liv punching and kicking in a sport center near you than shooting a movie from now on!

Amelia Browett, Belle Magazine NY.

Posted by:  Source: Belle Magazine

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#1 31-Mar-07 Wow.
Didn't expect to read that, lol.
Posted by:  Heather

#2 01-Apr-07 wow!
also I like this kind of sport! now I haven't any doubt... we are linked by the red line of destiny
Posted by:  BENE

#3 01-Apr-07
April's fools ??
Posted by:  Candice

#4 01-Apr-07 :S
Oh My Days.

I cant imagine Liv Doing That!

But I Still Love Her :)

haha x
Posted by:  Cool

#5 01-Apr-07
You made up a great storie guys, but still difficult to believe
Posted by:  Aliice

#6 01-Apr-07 LOL
LOL @ the dinner party comment....
Posted by:  Mary-Sue

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