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melissa wood from England wrote on 10-Feb-2006
Age: 13

Hi! Liv Tyler is the best. She is myfavourite actor and she is so fantastic in TheLordOfTheRings.
As she plays Arwern I wish I could play her part she was great! thankyou!

Misiek1492 wrote on 07-Feb-2006

Nice colors! Liv Tyler Rulez :D

John wrote on 07-Feb-2006

Thanks, you have a great site. So you will be the best!!!

liverah from turkey wrote on 06-Feb-2006
Age: 18, Email:, Website:

Liv tyler is the most beautiful woman in the world I love you Die for you

liverah from turkey wrote on 06-Feb-2006
Age: 18, Email:, Website:

I love youyou are very sweety I love you

elaine fiorello from N.J. & Oklahoma wrote on 22-Jan-2006
Age: 63

Liv you are a beautiful person & I enjoy your movies & articles. I am a dedicated fan of Aerosmith & steven tyler. god bless Milo & all your family

fernando urdanegui olaya from peru wrote on 17-Jan-2006
Age: 20, Email:

hi, liv i want to say :i love you . i hope what you be happy, nothing ,please return..........soon

Merter GürGün from Turkey/Ankara wrote on 14-Jan-2006
Age: 19, Email:

Smile Liv smile for we...

Craig Shaber from Texas wrote on 12-Jan-2006
Age: 40, Email:, Website: Craig Shaber

I really think you are great and a special person.

mabel roxana fernandez ari from bol wrote on 09-Jan-2006
Age: 24, Email:


Juliette wrote on 05-Jan-2006
Age: 25, Email:, Website: telechager msn

I want to say HI to the people behind this great site, congrats! Happy holidays! Juliette.

Airelle Perrouin from france wrote on 19-Dec-2005
Age: 13

Hi Liv Tyler,I compliment you on your great performances in Stealing Beauty, Empire Records and Inventing the Abbotts. I admire your acting skills very much, and I hope you continue your carrer successfully and fufillingly
Airelle Perrouin St Marylebone Church of England school london

Marco from ITALY wrote on 17-Dec-2005

Love you Liv : )


Bella and Grandpa from Germany wrote on 16-Dec-2005
Age: 14 and 58

Hi Liv here we are sitting on the computer and write you!Best wishes from your biggest fan Isabel and the little grandpa child.

Ken from Emigrant MT wrote on 12-Dec-2005
Age: oldasdirt, Email:

Took a look coming from the toddies site; yeah, todd is the best! so are you.

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