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Two weeks after her daughter Liv's and one week after her grand-daughter Lula's - it's a birthday for Bebe Buell!

Happy Birthday Bebe!

Bebe is an established singer, currently performing with her band "The Rebel Souls" in the USA. On July 22nd Bebe will perform at her (and also Liv's) hometown in Portland, Maine.

More at Bebe Buell's official site

Liv's mini-me aka Lula Rose Gardner is one year old!
Happy Birthday to Lula Rose - from Gap/Mama Said campaign
Exactly one week after mom Liv celebrated her 40th birthday,
Lula Rose is celebrating her 1st!

Best wishes to Lula, mom Liv, dad David, big brothers and the whole family!
Stay cute, healthy, sweet and beautiful!

LLT team

Liv celebrated her birthday this weekend with family and friends in England's countryside.

Liv with James BrownLiv with David, Sailor and LulaLiv with Kate Moss

David posted some great photos and wrote on his Instagram:
Happy 40th Birthday to the most beautiful and magical unicorn, I love you so much. You are my dream girl and I am blessed to be able to call you my wife (to be) ❤️ Happy Birthday Baby Girl, I love you, We all love you ❤️

Liv's mother Bebe Buell posted numerous photos of Liv - some of them never-seen-before on the inet planet, and added:
On this day, July 1st 1977, forty years ago, I gave birth to my Moon & Stars, The "K" in my karmic journey... the "L" in my love.
My dearest daughter, Liv, thank you for choosing me to be your Mother. Thank you, too, for all you've taught me and giving me the gift of beautiful grandchildren. I couldn't be more proud of the woman you've become and the life you've made for yourself is that of dreams and fairytales. I'm so proud. I hope only to make you as proud of me.
Can't wait to feel your hugs again. See you soon, my precious one.
Happy Birthday Livvy!

Liv's dad Steven Tyler posted a photo of Liv flying an airplane (from Falling Up) and added:

Many people greeted Liv on social media including close friend James Brown, Sadie Frost, Stella McCartney, Mariano Vivanco, David Croland, Karen Elson, Lucie de la Falaise, Tabitha Simmons, Zack Whitford and LLT.com favorite Nicolas Degennes!
(and 784529 more not-less-important people, we her fans)

Liv, presumably tired but happy, posted some great photos on her own and responded:
Thank you for the most fun amazing beautiful birthday ever !!!!!

Update: Liv added:
Yeahhhh 40!!!!! I made it !!!!
It's been grand. Thank you universe for all of my blessings and all my lessons learned.🏻 Feeling so grateful for my health , my family and every precious moment of this life.
Go on live a little !!!!!! Here I come 40. Galloping to a town near you

Exactly 40 years ago, a gorgeous baby came to Earth,
Snow-white skin, blue eyes, an angel (or should we say it was... an Elf?)
Move fast-forward 15 years, she's a great model (but lacks the passion) -
THEN she broke to our life, and did it in a Crazy fashion!
She bravely saved the Empire, pursued to do some Heavy duty,
And by that time it was well clear .. that not a thing could Steal her Beauty!
So here we are to celebrate, after 40 Livvie's years,
And dear Liv, if you can hear us: Thank You, Liv, and Cheers!
Thank you Liv for all the movies, the video clips, the TV series,
Thanks for being Corey Mason, and the daughterof Bruce Willis
Thanks for playing brave and strong, sometimes reckless, sometimes shy,
Thanks for playing Dr. Betty, thanks for Lucy in the sky
Thanks for embodying the emotions - the fear, the joy, the laughter, the tears,
Thanks for being our princess (with or without the pointy ears)
Happy Birthday dearest Liv (three big cheers, and a drink we'll pour)
First forty summers have been ace, now let's toast to eighty more!
From your loving fans,
LLT team

Liv's Birthday Special
Please write your greetings here

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Liv and David attended Brooklyn Beckham's 'What I See' exhibition and book launch party last night in London.

More photos at WireImage, GettyImages, Daily Mail, Just Jared, Rex and Newscom

Not so much news, but some nice finds and tidbits for this weekend (many thanks to Rianon):

3 online interview (that somehow slipped under our radar):
The Kit - Liv is talking about her "Mama Said" film she produced for Gap (May 2017)
The Guardian - talking about family (February 2017)
Glamour - talking about her collection for Belstaff (August 2016)

2 online "never seen before" video clips on YouTube:
Liv's latest visit in Ginza Six, Japan, for Belstaff
Lux Japanese commercial from 1996

Liv did also attend "Glastonbury Festival" couple of days ago (not so much photos online, aside from this Instagram post by Marianna Hadjiloizi)

AND, are you getting ready for Liv's 40th birthday?
We know we are (hint - site will look quite different this weekend)!

Not so much news lately, but some tidbits:

Nicholas found a short video-interview "inside my suitcase", that Liv gave to Vogue Japan at her latest trip couple of months ago
- Click here!

Also, Liv, David, Milo and Grey attended Aerosmith's concert on Sunday (part of "Download Festival" at Donington Park, England) - Liv got the VIP backstage passes (we think she may knows someone from Aerosmith)
Daily Mail and David Gardner's Instagram have the proof!

Update June 17th: Looks like Liv did also enjoyed Guns N' Roses show last night (Photo with Slash inside)

Liv's short film Falling Up was awarded "Fashion Short of the Year" at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia - which is, apparently, one of the largest short film festivals in Asia.

Liv didn't attend the festival that took place in Japan, but recorded a thank-you video clip.

Watch Liv's thank-you clip here

Some more info about the festival here and here

Update: director Niall O'Brien has also recorded a thank-you clip

No The Leftovers anymore ... but at least we have a new interview that Liv gave to HBO Official Site.

Liv is talking about the last season and about her experience of playing the character of Meg.

Click here, interesting read!

Do not forget to watch the finale of The Leftovers tonight! (no info about Liv's Meg appearance tho).

End The Leftovers, bring Gunpowder!

A tiny glimpse on the new BBC drama Gunpowder in their "coming soon" video for 2017, posted on YouTube a few days ago - you can see Liv for a split of a second at 2:06
Click here!

Thanks to Mary for the find!