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Liv attended "The Naked Heart Foundation's Fabulous Fund Fair" last night in London

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Update: Article at Standard.co.uk - Liv talked about her new TV Series Gunpowder:
The American actress starts work today on the three-part mini-series, which focuses on the events leading up to the failed plot to kill King James I at Parliament in 1605.

Tyler, 39, was at model Natalia Vodianova's Fabulous Fund Fair in Camden last night. She told the Standard: "I have to go up tomorrow to Yorkshire to start filming. I'm enjoying learning about the period, London in the 1600s, the Catholics and the Protestants.

"Obviously I've heard people talk about Guy Fawkes and I was here this year for Bonfire Night, but I never really knew what it meant.

"There was so much more to the plot than just Guy Fawkes, but that’s the guy that everyone knows about.

"The process of film and TV making here is so nice - there is something very free about it. Everyone is very skilled in their jobs no matter what department they are in, and there is something very brave and liberating about the way everyone works. It's not so contrived."