5 new pics at the Gallery
4 new pics at the Gallery
5 new pics at the Gallery
Celebration!! a new Liv's movie on the big screen!

Wildling, Written and directed by Fritz Bohm, Staring Bel Powley, LOTR veteran Brad Dourif, James Le Gros, Troy Ruptash and of course our very own Liv (which is also one of the producers) - opens this Friday in the USA!

The less good news is that it will be available in NYC, LA and Kansas City only (that's the life of an independed film).

If you happen to be in those cities - you can order your tickets online at movietickets.com

If you're on another US city - the film will be available on some VOD services - check with your cable/media supplier!

If you're on the UK - you'll have to wait one more week, as the movie will be released on April 20th!

For rest of us, until we'll find a way to watch it, there is the trailer and 5 clips on IFC Youtube channel!

Lets cheers for a Wildling weekend!