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First teaser - short video and photos - of Liv in Harlots!

The teaser was posted at the official Harlots Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube, with this text:
She's coming to take the crown, but it won't be easy. @misslivalittle joins the Season 2 cast of #HarlotsOnHulu, premiering July 11

EW also posted the teaser along with two new photos of Liv in-character, and a short interview:
"She's kind of one of the most amazing characters I've ever gotten to play before. She's a lady, so it's a different side from the women we see in season 1," Tyler explains, "but she's got all of the same issues going on as all of the other ladies we've seen, even though she’s portrayed in a different world."

"She's kind of a bit of a bird in a cage; she’s really trapped and oppressed by her brother and the nature of society at that time - their father had passed away and left money to both of them but I have no rights to any of my fortune. And her brother is very manipulative and controlling with her. The corset, and the costume just sort of adds to that."

Read more at EW.com!

Harlots will be released July 11th on Hulu