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The long, full and official trailer of 9-1-1 Lone Star is online - and you can view on YouTube

Liv, Rob Lowe and other cast members are doing interviews and promotion stuff - and we're going to see a lots in the next few days.

ETOnline is the first one to post part from Liv's and Rob's interview - talking about Steven Tyler ... Lowe told reporters on Tuesday. "I came home, I was maybe sober two or three weeks, maybe, and I got a phone call from Steven Tyler, who I did not know. He called me and he said, 'I heard you're in recovery and just want to say, hey, it's going to be great.'"

"And I thought, dude, if it's good enough for f**king Steven Tyler, it's good enough for me," Lowe said. "So he's a big part of who I've become."
The conversation turned to Steven Tyler when Liv was asked about what her father thought about her training to be a paramedic on 9-1-1: Lone Star, prompting Lowe to quip, "He's no stranger to paramedics,"

"My dad has nine lives!" Liv exclaimed. "He's always just kind of in awe or amazed by my job and what I do. Because he knows me as his daughter and as a person and then suddenly I'm doing an English accent in the 1700s and then suddenly like, 'Daddy, I'm a paramedic.' He's always so interested. I did this show called Harlots, which is in England, and he was my biggest fan. He's why I did the second season because it was his favorite thing."

Update: Daily Mail is the second one to report!

First two episodes of 9-1-1 Lone Star on Jan. 19 and Jan. 20 on Fox and Hulu