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 According  ccording to Us Weekly Liv gave birth to a Baby Girl today!
According to People.com - Liv gave birth, but to a Baby Boy!!!

from US Weekly - "Actress Liv Tyler gave birth to a baby girl
on December 14 in Manhattan, Us Weekly reports exclusively. Liv Tyler was joined by her husband Royston Langdon and father Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. On the afternoon of December 13, Tyler spent an hour at her obstetrician's office and then checked into New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She left her house with bags and bags of clothing, including a fur coat. It looked like "enough for, like, three weeks," said one witness. If Tyler was excited about her trip, she kept it to herself. "She was really calm and didn't look terribly stressed," said an eyewitness."

from People: "Actress Liv Tyler gave birth to a baby boy
early Tuesday morning, PEOPLE has learned. The baby, who has yet to be named, was born at 4:11 a.m. at an undisclosed New York hospital and weighed in at 8 lbs. According to a source close to Tyler, she "had a relatively short labor and easy delivery." She felt terrific later in the morning. "My baby is so handsome I can't stand it," Tyler told a friend earlier today. "He also has full lips." 'They're thrilled,' Tyler's publicist, Stephen Huvane, tells PEOPLE. 'And they hope to have a name soon.'"

Which is the truth ??? LLT.com will do it's best and will come with the right info soon! We still can't confirm any of this - but we'll make our best - so stay tuned!!!

What we do know, is that Liv was pictured yesterday heading to the Hospital. According to reports, she gave money to several homeless men, then went to her own doctor and from there to the Hospital - Click here to see the pics.

You can discuss it with other fans on the forum.

Whether US Weekly or People got it right - Congrats to Liv, Roy and family!!!

Thanks to Tory!

Update: We can now confirm - It's a Boy! (and US Weekly changed their story ...)