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Liv posted on her Instagram what seems to be her first photo from the set of Harlots!

Liv is joining the TV series for it's second season, and, as it appears, filming has started!

Click here for Liv's Instagram

As we reported before, Liv will appear in Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast TV show, and now you can mark the date - December 22nd, 8pm (on UK's Channel 4) !

Chennel 4 posted a photo with the caption:
Jamie makes dim sum with Hollywood star Liv Tyler. Jimmy builds a wood-fired oven. And there's a naked calendar promoting British lamb at its best.

with Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty

More at Channel 4 and Digital Spy

Our Liv is on the cover of Madame Figaro China (December issue)

Photographer Jumbo Tsui posted some photos from the photo shoot on his website!

More photos at Jumbophotographe.com!

If you have the scans - please !

Liv spoke earlier today at Oxford Union, tidbits and photos from the appearance can be found on Twitter:

My mom was actually the first person to say I was going to be an actress. I think she saw that I've always been very empathetic - I'm like a sponge for people and observing them, and being aware of their emotions.

People always ask which character is the most like you. I try and tell them that it's like when you fall in love and you're obsessed with someone - that's what I do when I have a character. I don't want to distinguish myself because I'm always thinking of my character

I act just because of that connection and total bliss that I get whenever I'm doing what I'm doing. I always feel so blessed that I get to go to work and do the thing that makes me happy.

I always wind up wanting to cut dialogue because I often think I can convey something with emotion or movement instead. It's funny because a lot of directors kid me for being the only actor they've worked with who wants to cut their lines.

(Left photo taken from Victoria Smorodinova's Instagram, Right photos from Oxford Union Twitter)

After the event Liv posted this awesome photo on her Instagram:

Thank you thank you @theoxfordunion for having me !!! What a wonderful evening @chris_zabilowicz

Update: Report and photos at Daily Mail

Liv is featured in the latest issue of Porter Magazine - with an interview and new photos by Cedric Buchet!

Daily Mail posted some photos, and some tidbits from the interview:
I have had people call me controlling for being detail-oriented, ballsy for following my heart and taking risks, outspoken or even crazy for speaking my mind and not taking bullshit from people,' she said. 'It amazes me when this happens and motivates me to work harder to speak up for what I believe in for myself and all women.'

Read some more at Daily Mail!

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Update: A small feature about Liv also at Marie Claire - Thanks to Rianon for the scan (click to enlarge)!

Liv will speak in front of "The Oxford Union" this Wednesday (November 29th, 5:00pm).

If you happen to attend - please feel free to !

Click here for some more details

Liv is on the cover ELLE Singapore (December issue) with brand new photos by Mark Law and an interview

Also, Star2.com posted a nice interview with Liv (from her Shanghai visit) - Click here to see it!

Thanks to Rianon and Nicholas!

Update: We have the scans of ELLE!
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Update 2: Two more photos from the shoot (outtakes?) in our forum!

We manage to get some more gorgeous photos from Liv's Triumph campaign (thanks to the great Rianon!)

More photos at our forum!

Liv did a series of print ads for Maxx Royal Resorts - which is a luxury resort brand (Liv and family visited one of them in Antalya last summer), some of them with heiress Lula Rose:

(credit: James Brown Agency, Maxx Royal Website, Maxx Royal Facebook)

The gorgeous ads can be found on magazines (Mary reports that 3 ads can be found on ELLE Russia, December issue)

Update: There is also a video!! click here!

(On the left)
Liv posted (Facebook, Twitter) this cute photo of her and Kit Harington supporting BBC's Children in Need charity:

"Get your ears on and share a selfie for BBC Children in Need! Buy online or on the high street"

(On the right)
Rianon posted some interesting photos in our forum of Liv shooting a new Lux shampoo commercial last week in London. If true - that will be the third time Liv is working with Lux Shampoo (1996, 2001 and 2017) - check some more photos at the forum