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Sailor celebrated his 3rd birthday in a big way yesterday - with mom, dad sisters/brothers, friends and family!

Mom Liv started the day posting a video of David helping Sailor to fly (or becoming a Super-Sailor):
Weeee I'm 3!!!!!! Happy birthday Sailor gene !!! Thank you daddy for the best way to start the day #Supersailor !!!!!

Dad David wrote:
Happy 3rd Birthday Sailor Gene, you really are one gorgeous and truly unbelievable little person. We love you so so much ❤️

G-mama Bebe added:
And now Sailor is 3, he's got a gorgeous head of blond hair and a gigantic personality to match all that charisma, I must say, that's a very festive cake. Sending love ❤️

Liv concluded the event with an adorable photo of the exhausted, but very happy Sailor:
What a party!! happy happy birthday to you my sweet Sailor Gene #3

Sailor Gene Gardner is 3 years old today!
Liv and Sailor, 2016

Best wishes to little Sailor, mom Liv, dad David and the whole family!

- Hope you're doing well in becoming a Ninja!

LLT team

Liv's newest film Wildling will be released to U.S theaters and VOD on April 13th!

from Variety:
IFC Midnight has acquired U.S. and Canadian rights to "Wilding," Variety has learned. The deal comes in advance of its world premiere at this year's South by Southwest.
The film follows Anna (Bel Powley), a woman who spent her entire childhood locked in the attic, under the care of a mysterious man she only knows as Daddy (Brad Dourif). Anna is scared to death of a creature he calls the Wildling, a child-eating monster that roams outside. After a small-town sheriff Ellen Cooper (Liv Tyler) frees Anna and helps her start a new life, her childhood nightmares of the Wildling return, disrupting the possibility of a normal life. “Wildling” will debut theatrically and on VOD on April 13.

Read more here

Finally some news concerning Liv's latest film - Wildling!

The movie will be premiered on SXSW 2018 Film Festival, somewhere between March 9th to March 18th (the exact date will be published in the next days).

Wildling - is an horror/drama feature. Liv plays along side Bel Powley, Brad Dourif and James LeGros, Liv is also co-producing the film.

Read more at SXSW website!

Update: Screening times are in: March 10, March 12 and March 15 - more info at SXSW!

Scans of Marie Claire Malaysia are up on photographer Elio Nogueira's facebook - short interview with great, new, gorgeous photos!

Click to enlarge

Update: and one more photo!

Liv will be on the cover of Marie Claire Malaysia (February issue)!

Photographer Elio Nogueira posted a preview of the cover on his Facebook:

Update: Elio Nogueira posted a better quality cover photo on his Instagram!

Update 2: More (small) photos from the mag at our forum!

If you manage to get the scans - !

Liv's Q&A for Oxford Union (from Nov. 28) in now on YouTube!

Watch Liv talking about her past and current projects, about movies vs. TV, about getting great advice from Milo and about wanting to be (also) behind the camera - must watch!

Click here to watch it!

We got the video of Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast (Liv's parts only) !

Watch how Jamie Oliver teaches Liv how to make dumplings - and then she makes them for the entire restaurant!

Right-Click here and choose "Save link as ..."

Update: You can now watch the clip directly on Vimeo - Click Here!

You can get the dumplings recipe at JamieOliver.com

Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday to Mia Tyler and Happy New Year!

UK people - don't miss our Liv at Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast - Friday (Dec. 22nd) 8pm, Channel 4!

from Jamie Oliver's Twitter:
She's starred in Lord of the Rings, now it's time for Lady of the Cafe! On this week's #FridayNightFeast @LivTyler - Friday 8pm @Channel4.

(non-UK people, we'll do our best to bring you the clip!)

Update: Up until we'll get the clip - you can enjoy photos/clip from the show at Liv's Instagram ('Instagram Stories' for followers only) , Jamie Oliver's Instagram and Twitter, and Channel 4's Twitter

Reminder - all three parts of Gunpowder will be aired on HBO starting tomorrow (December 18th, 10pm) - and for three days in a row!

More details on HBO website - including a special trailer