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Liv on the cover of French Elle
I want to raise my son far from New York

French Elle, February 2006. Scans by Juliette, Translation by Anna

Life According to Liv With her kindly, goddess-like allure and rock background, Liv Tyler could never have had an boring career: from Stealing Beauty to Lord of the Rings, Liv Tyler lives life to a rhythm of her own choosing. Today, it's her family above all. The story of a very normal mother.

She arrives on time and in a good mood. She takes her coat off, and makes her long legs comfortable on the leather sofa in the lobby of a London hotel. She tugs on her navy blouse, crosses her hands on her knees and looks at us intently. Oh yes, she also opens wide her big, Tyler-signature mouth her father is the singer for Aerosmith and sighs, breaking the silence.

At 28 years old, Liv Tyler is something amazing: a force of nature, a tall, knockout beauty who breathes good health. A goddess mother of sorts, of whom one imagines everything is sacrificed for life and harmony with the elements and the world. But here she is in London to promote the launch of a new line of lipsticks for Givenchy, the very chic Paris fashion house whose perfume and makeup she is the face of. She has the total grace of an ambassador, despite the freezing rain and the endless succession of interviews. But above all, because of all of this, she is away from her son Milo, her beloved, the object of all her attention. To come to Europe she led brought her family: her husband Royston Langdon, the [former] singer for the group, Spacehog, whom she married 2 years ago, and her 1-year-old little boy.
"There was no question of not bringing him!" she says laughing. What distinguishes Liv Tyler is that, while with any other actress all this would seem too sentimental and fake, with her is sounds honest and very touching. So here is this tall beauty who spends most of her time with her darling boy and her family. She isn't a jet-setter or a partier. She is, well, normal. "That's the best compliment you could give me! I love when women say that they like me because I resemble them. Yes, it's true, I'm normal, a girl who grew up in Maine, who wears Converses and plays with her baby." The only thing that can bother Liv is bringing up her weight as compared to the standard in Hollywood. She really does explode, this beautiful porcelain doll surrounded by anorexic-looking Barbies. "I'm normal, I tell you, I'm just like everyone else!" she repeats. We'll hold her to her word. But all the same ...

Before becoming a normal girl, and then a normal mother, Liv Tyler was a Stealing Beauty, an actress who worked with Bertolucci, a sculptural beauty, a daughter of rock 'n' roll, who never spoils everything and gives new meaning to the word "destiny." Her father, Steven Tyler, wasn't recognized as her father when she was born. When she was 12, she discovered that her stepfather wasn't her real father. Luckily, her mother, Bebe Buell, a former model and famous groupie, had maintained her ties with Steven, who was a sort of friend of the family. One day, Liv's mother brought her to an Aerosmith concert, and at that moment the little girl realized that there was a strange resemblance between herself and the raging singer onstage with the large mouth. She demanded that her mother tell the truth. This beautiful story of her paternity led to the beginning of her career when she made her first public appearance, in the '90s in an Aerosmith video.

Then there was Lord of the Rings and the role of Arwen, who featured prominently in the posters for the movie. And, among others, the recent and very pretty Lonesome Jim, by Steve Buscemi, in which she plays the girl the hero falls in love with. But nothing was more wonderful for her than the birth of Milo.
"Before, people just thought of me as a sex symbol. I saw it in their eyes. It's such a relief that all of a sudden they look at me differently! People are really nice when one is pregnant they don't dare bother you! I've always wanted to be pregnant and live like that, ever since I was little. When I was a teenager, I used to put a pillow under my sweater to make it look like I had a bump!" she says, her eyes sparkling. You feel like she could talk for hours: "I love breastfeeding. Oh, I know that in France you're not very pro-breastfeeding, but I think it's great. Really, I'm trying to appreciate every moment of this adventure: I try to be healthy, not to pressure myself. But really, the first baby, it's stressful! You never really know what to do ..." Like all young mothers, Liv has a rhythm with her baby: she gets up with him, goes for walks, takes naps and gives him his bottles without any staff, no nurse other help, it's important to note. The only thing that darkens her happy state is media harassment she is the victim of, especially since becoming a mother. "I loved New York because of the relative tranquility it had. The people were cool; the paparazzi were respectful enough, as opposed to what goes on in Hollywood. But in the last few years all that's changed. I can't go outside with out being hassled. The last time, I wanted to take a walk with my husband and my son on Thanksgiving, but there were so many cameras we had to stay inside. It makes me really said," she sighs. She dreams of making a new life somewhere else. "I don't want to impose the craziness on my son. I grew up in Maine, where it's calm. I dream sometimes of moving to the south." One can see it already, a 21st century Scarlett. A taste of happiness, well understood.

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