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Liv Tyler - The clear minded daughter

Russian Cosmopolitan, August 2006. Scans and Translation by Lusy

Liv, you always look very natural, it seems that you don't use any make-up ...
Actually it's very false, I spend a lot of time for make-up, and certainly I'm very proud that it turns out like that.

There are some secrets of your make-up?
I have a small convenient brush, I use it to cover spots. I put the proof-reader and accurately hide all. Some people can't go out without lipstick, but for me the most important thing is perfect skin.

What are always in your bag, besides proof-reader and brush?
Powder, mascara, gloss or lipstick. It is still blush, tweezers for eyelashes and sometimes eyesliner.

Despite of your histories about spots, you have improbable beauty a snow-white skin. IS this inheritance from mum?
It really is. But I'm not confident this it only a matter of genes. From early age my mum has accustomed me to not go to bed without washing my face. For me to care of the skin is not routine but a pleasure. In my bath I have huge amount of jars. I like to try anything new, therefore I buy all!

And you do all kinds of masks?
I try. But, to tell the truth, it turns out seldom. Yesterday, for example, I have taken a bath, have put a mask, have devoted time only to myself. Because today I'm meetings with journalists.

How often do you manage to be engaged only in yourself?
After a birth of the son completely not often. Milo wakes up with me, in the afternoon I'm going out, and by five, as a rule, I come back home. I conduct absolutely house way of life - a bathroom, a supper. But I am very happy.

And the husband helps you?
Yes! He is a great father. Recently I had shootings 3 days on in a raw. Left in 4:30 in the mornings when Milo is still sleeping, and came back in 8.30 evenings when Milo is already sleeping. But Royston perfectly consulted. Certainly, there is a nany, it help us. But generaly in my absence my husband conducts all facilities.

A lots of actresses today are afraid to get children - do not wish "to drop out" of career ...
I always wanted to be a mum, to bring up a child, to feel all this. And to carry with work - I can actively be away for couple of months, and then do nothing for 3 weeks. If my work was to be at the office for 8-9 hours per day, all would be much more complex. Though, I think, I all the same would consult. And how differently? In fact our parents worked too. The main thing for the child - to feel love.

Do you go to parties?
All of this was part of my life several years ago. But today, if you'll ask me: Where you wish to go - on a party, to crowd of strangers, or to remain at home, with Milo, I will certainly choose the second.

Today in Hollywood all are prevented on the weight. How you concern to it?
Actually during pregnancy I have typed a little - 30-35 pounds (13-18 kg). Many of my girlfriends, for example, recovered for 50-60 pounds (23-27 kg). But it was very heavy to me to dump the excess weight. I nursed, and people told me that all extra weight should instantly leave. But the contrary happened - I was constantly hungry, rushed on meal literally. Then I had to worked out and sit much on a strict diet to get rid of the extras. Certainly, I, as any normal girl, think of kgs as it is a part of my work. But I do not have unhealthy attitude to growing thin.

At you very gentle, romantic image was already generated. You never wished it to change?
Several years ago, shortly before pregnancy, I cut off my hair. But the result has not liked me. They at last branches - and I am happy! In general I would like to become blonde. Each time before a new role I dream of a new image. Here Nicole Kidman, for example: that film, a new hairstyle or haircolor. But I do not manage to convince directors: they like my "colour" - a light leather, dark hair. Perhaps, I should be more persevering next time. I in fact was never clarified, even did not dye. And to a sun deck I do not go. I wish to try, by the way, the express train-sunburn is when a paint spray. Though, I am afraid, the image of the sunburnt blonde all the same not absolutely mine (laughs)

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