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Liv on the cover of Madame Figaro
Liv Tyler - She's a Class

by Eric Neuhoff, Madame Figaro, November 2006. Scans by Lovelykiz, Translation by Anna

We have to say thank you to Bernardo Bertolucci. Without him no one would know about Liv Tyler. Who saw Silent Fall or Heavy? We had to wait for Stealing Beauty to discover the lolita in a dress with transparent flowers, who, with a walkman, made the temperature of the Tuscan countryside rise and turned all the men's heads. To be brief, there hasn't been anything this amazing on the screen since the train entered the station at La Ciotat [Translator's Note: the first animated film was shown in La Ciotat.]

Liv Tyler grew up thinking she was the daughter of the singer Todd Rundgren. At 11 she learned the truth: her real father was Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith. This child of rock has the chords of electric guitars in her veins. After being seen on the arm of Joaquin Phoenix, she married a musician, Royston Langdon, of the group Spacehog, in 2003. It's hard to get used to. It must be weird to run into the princess of the elves behind the scenes at one of the concerts. She also had a little boy in 2004, something that movie buffs often have trouble forgiving. (Can you imagine Marilyn pushing a baby carriage?) This young lady filmed Lord of the Rings, but she knew what to add to her filmography: playing in Tom Hanks's only full-length film, appearing in the credits of Robert Altman's movies and working with directors like Kevin Smith and Steve Buscemi. She loves Truffaut, lives in New York, represents a famous perfume brand. Some say she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She has the air of someone from a novel by Jay MacInerney or a heroine from a story by Paul Morand, who once wrote: "She was beautiful like another man's wife." Plus, she is surely the only model who refuses to diet.
She is class. With a capital C.

In her beauty bag:

My foundation: I'm a fan of Givenchy's "Subli-Mine," a light fluid foundation with SPF 15. Then I mat everything with "Prisime Libre #2," a very airy loose powder. To finish, some blush, mostly pink, but I try to choose something with subtle nuances of beige and brown to sculpt my face.

My lip color: I don't always wear it, but Nicolas Degennes [the artistic director of makeup at Givenchy] has convinced me that pretty beiges give a nude effect (Lip! Lip! Lip!, Tea Time Beige, and Lip Shine, Beige Nude). For a glossy effect, I put on a little of Laura Mercier's Secret Brightener on my upper lip.

My mascara: Eye Fly, very black, the way I like it. I only put it on my upper eye lashes.

My hair: The first time I had my hair highlighted I was 17 and it was for Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty. Today, Marie, my colorist at the Sally Hirschberger salon in New York, adds a hazel sheen which equalizes my black hair a little and looks good on screen. In terms of products, I use everything from Kérastase and Frédéric Fekkai, but my favorite conditioner is still from Terax.

My beauty care: I adore spas, but I prefer to do exfoliations and masks all alone in my bathroom.

My shape: After the birth of my son, Milo, I thought it was very important to keep up my immune system. After each meal I take "herbs" – green tablets with a wheat germ base, fish oil and flax seeds. Every morning I give myself a little sweet: a drink with almond milk, a banana, bilberries and flaxseed oil. I try to pay attention to what I eat and drink a lot of water because I know it's good for my skin. I'm working out with personal trainer David Kirch. He gave me protein supplements and vitamins.

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