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Liv life to the full

Red, May 2006.

Liv Tyler, 28, talks beauty tips with Janine Phillipson and spills the beans on spots, baby weight and killer work-outs

She's got a demanding life as an actress, mother and model (she's the face of Givenchy), but Liv's happy to reveal her beauty secrets, in her soft American drawl. 'Do you mind if I take my shoes off? They're killing me,' she begins, as she curls up on the couch.

What are the best make-up tricks you've learnt recently?
Less is more. I mix a little moisturiser with my foundation, and rub it in well so it isn't thick or heavy. To cover spots, I use a concealer that's not too dry or powdery, and a lipstick brush to apply it. Then I take a shimmery lipstick and apply it just in the cupid's bow of my lips - it makes them really pop out. Sometimes I use a lipstick on my cheeks as a blush in a nude or natural colour like Lip Lip Shine in Toffee Shine.

You have pale skin but you always look healthy and glowing - what's your secret?
That's arguable - some people say, 'You need a bit of colour!'. If I'm not rested, I look terrible, and if I pig out and drink and eat what I want, I tend to get puffy. Recently, I've been following my grandmother's old-fashioned trick of eating a nice breakfast and lunch but instead of eating dinner, having soup, a smoothie, some fruit or something very light with a big glass of water.

What makes a great facialist?
For me the most important part of a facial is how they clean my skin and squeeze blackheads - not the most glamorous part! Make sure that they are thorough but don't leave marks. If you don't feel comfortable with the person, ask them to just use the creams and masks. But one of my pet peeves is being left for 30 minutes with a face mask on - you should get a massage in that time!

What's your can't-live-without product?
Nicholas Degennes (Givenchy's artistic director for make-up) has devised a compact called Baby Lips. It's got four squares - an exfoliator to scrub off all the dead skin, a moisturiser, and two gels which react with the chemicals in your body to bring out different colours, so your lips look baby pink and fresh.

How do you stay in shape?
I've been working out like a madwoman in the past couple of months to lose my baby weight. I really didn't do anything after having Milo (her son, aged one) - I ate what I wanted, and breast-fed. But when Milo was nine months old, I thought, 'Uh-oh, all the other actresses were skinny after three weeks, I'd better get to work!'. I don't like doing it, but it definitely feels good when I'm in shape. It's been much harder than people let on. For me, there really is no trick to losing weight other than old-fashioned hard work.

What is your work-out regime?
I go on seven-mile bike rides and work out with my trainer David Kirsch, sometimes twice a day. I'll do an hour in the morning, say of cardio and abs, then an hour in the afternoon doing squats, lunges and circuit training. Then I go to another trainer to do Aeroboxing - I've been getting in the ring and fighting with him. I can hardly move afterwards.

Any other beauty secrets?
For long-haul flying, I lug a huge bag containing my beautiful silk pyjamas from Shanghai Tang, socks, and all my toiletries, because I think they're going to blow up in my case if I check them in. I use moisturiser and drink Emer'gen-C. I always think, 'I'm not going to drink any wine or eat any cheese,' but it always happens.

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