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Liv's lost her baby bluge!

by Keely Greenwood, UK Star, February 2006

How the Hollywood star ditched the baby bulge and regained her shapely figure.

Liv Tyler didn't want to be a miracle mum. While celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Jordan ditched their baby bulges surprisingly quickly, the Hollywood actress has taken her time to lose her target 2st since giving birth to her son Milo 14 months ago. Rather than hitting the gym for hours every day just after her pregnancy, or living on a diet of fruit and water, Liv - who has been married to British rocker Royston Langdon for almost three years - ignored comments about her ballooning weight to spend time bonding with Milo.

The 28-year-old star of Armageddon and The Lord Of The Rings has admitted that she has always struggled with her weight, even before her pregnancy.
"I'm always on a diet," she says. "When I was a kid, I was a little butterball - I was so chubby." But after deciding the time is finally right to focus on herself, Liv has recently been spotted looking super-slim - and it's all thanks to a structured eating plan and exercise regime.

The actress - who is 5ft 10ins, and now back to the 9st she weighed before falling pregnant with Milo - relied on David Kirsch's Ultimate New York Body Plan to shed the weight. It centres around hi "ABCDEF" system. In the first two weeks, Alcohol, Bread, starchy Carbs, Dairy, Extra sweets, Fruit and Fats are banned. After this you can slowly start to introduce small amounts of them back into your diet.

While it might not be quite as extreme as Jordan's juicing diet, this first phase is fairly strict - it also involves eating every three hours and adding David's vitamin and mineral powder to your meals. Lunch is classed as the biggest meal of the day. "It gives you the rest of the day to work off those calories," says David. In the third week, one serving of one of the ABCDEFs can be added to your daily diet, while in the fourth week another can be introduced. You are also allowed to indulge in a "cheat meal" once a week after the first two weeks - eating whatever you want to keep your motivation up.

As well as eating a low-carb diet with plenty of fish, chicken, salads and vegetables, Liv also exercised every day for the first phase, focusing on resistance work and cardio-sculpting - aerobic exercise, such as running or swimming, combined with area-specific toning exercises. David says: "Liv is a classic apple shape, but with beautiful, shapely legs. The cardio-sculpting we do together focuses on work designed to elongate, tone and strengthen the muscles in her torso, arms and abdominals." This is achieved by using dumb-bells to exercise the arms, torso-toning movements using a stability ball and crunches for the abdominal area.

David pushes his clients in the early stages of the diet, and advises vigorous workouts of an hour to and hour and a half every day for the first two week, before easing off to a couple of times a week after that. He also encourages working up a good sweat during each cardio workout to ensure that you really burn off all those extra calories. Well, it certainly looks as if all that hard work has paid off for Liv - we think she looks gorgeous!

Daily diet

Scrambled egg whites with shiitake mushrooms and turkey bacon OR Spinach and broccoli egg-white frittata

Chicken breast (6oz) and half a plate of spinach OR Salmon (6oz) and half a plate of steamed broccoli

Low-fat egg salad OR Tuna salad with wholegrain mustard and water chestnuts

Turkey lasagne and spinach OR Salmon fishcakes with shiitake mushrooms and spinach stir-fry

Exercise plan

Liv Tyler

Sessions per week
Seven for the first two weeks, then two to three

Suggested exercises
Two 15-minute abdomen, core and back routines, followed by 45 minutes of cardio such as running, swimming or cycling
Two 15-minute leg and bum routines, followed by 45 minutes of cardio
Three 45-minute cardio-sculpting sessions with stability ball and dumb-bells

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