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Liv Tyler is blooming!

New!, July 2004

Blimey! It seems like only yesterday that Liv Tyler announced she was pregnant - and now the bump's already as big as a house! The stunning actress, who is married to Leeds-born musician Royston Langdon, 32, announced she was pregnant last month and in these pictures she looks every inch the blooming mum to be, as she takes her cute dog for a leisurely walk through the streets of New York City. Liv, 27, whose baby is due this winter, admitted she first became broody on the set of her recent film, Jersey Girl, about a widowed dad, played by Ben Affleck. She said, "The little girl who played Ben's daughter worked some magic on me, that's for sure. I've been thinking about babies and motherhood for quite some time now."

A few weeks ago, Liv fainted while dining at The Pearl restaurant in Massachusetts and had to be taken to hospital. Luckily, she and the baby were given the all clear and Liv looks like she's now back to full health. Shortly after announcing her pregnancy, Liv - who has spoken out against Hollywood's obsession with ultra-thinness - insisted,
"I don't make a big thing about my body or putting on weight. I like the way I look." We think you look swell, too, Liv!

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