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Liv Tyler sharing pregnancy joy

by Robin Lynch, OK!, July 2004

Congratulations, Liv!
Kerry is thrilled to bits that Liv Tyler and hubby Royston Langdon have announced their baby news - 'Liv's just lovely!' The news that Liv Tyler is going to become a mum makes me very happy. For a start, I think her dad Steve Tyler is really sexy. And I love all the films that she's been in. I think she's a fantastic actress and she comes across as being really down to earth. She's so naturally beautiful and she's not skinny. It's been reported she was a size 16 at one stage - and proud of it. I just think there should be more actresses out there like her. I think she'll make a wonderful mum.

The pretty actress reveals how she's preparing for motherhood with the help of devoted hubby Royston

It's been an amazing year for actress Liv Tyler and 2004 is only six months old. Not only was she part of the award-winning Lord Of The Rings trilogy, starring as the elfin Princess Arwen, but the raven-haired beauty has just announced she's pregnant with her first child. The Hollywood actress, who married rock star Royston Langdon last March in Barbados, is expecting her first baby this winter. Announcing the news, the actress gushed: 'Roy and I are both overjoyed and look forward to the arrival of our child. We couldn't be happier.' On top of all this, Liv, who turns 27 on July 1, is currently starring in Jersey Girl alongside Ben Affleck, who she worked with on Armageddon seven years ago. The New York-based actress, who plays Maya, a video store worker, admits she's always adored Ben, who played a New York music publicist whose wife, played by his real-life ex Jennifer Lopez, dies in childbirth. Here, the daughter of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler and former model Bebe Buell talks about her long-term desire to have a family, life with her 32-year-old husband Roy and working alongside Ben Affleck...

Congratulations on your pregnancy, Liv. Did you always want to have a family?
I've always wanted to have kids ever since I was very young. I think that because I was an only child - well, I wasn't, I had step-sisters and brothers - but I did always wish that I had someone sharing a bedroom with me, kind of a partner in crime. I think that family is really important. You have to be able to leave you office and close the door and go home and eat dinner and talk and have relationships with people.

Ethan Hawke says it's really hard to have a family with a woman who's a movie star...
I have no idea what it's like to be in anyone else's relationship, and I don't know what it's like to have kids. But Roy and I - I'm so lucky, he's so patient and really cool with me and what I do and he's just really supportive of everything. Honestly, he's not really bothered by it all. Like, a lot of times he doesn't come with me to things because he'd rather do other things. He'd rather wait and see me when I get home. It amazes me all of the time that he's so patient.

You're off to Indiana to film Lonesome Jim and you'll be away from Roy for a while...
Yes, but he'll be on tour, so it won't be too bad.

What will happen when you have the baby?
Well, we have a puppy and I'm taking it with me to Indiana, so it'll be good practice! A lot of times when I go away for a week or day or whatever, if Roy's home, he'll take care of him. I mean, it's not that hard.

Are there lots of things you still want to do as an actress?
Yes, but I don't see why you can't do everything and have a balance. I mean, why do we have to make three movies a year? Why can't you make one movie every couple of years?

Your biggest project to date has been the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Does it feel good to know that you were in three of the best movies made of all time?
That's incredibly exciting and none of us anticipated that happening. We hoped for it and worked as hard as we could, but that's just been so shocking and amazing. It's exciting to think that celluloid is forever and so I'm happy to have that be one of the things I'm remembered by.

You've just finished working with Ben Affleck on Jersey Girl. What was it like working with him again, seven years after you teamed up on Armageddon?
It was amazing. I completely adore Ben - I've always adored him. I can feel that we have some kind of a chemistry which is really bizarre, because we don't know each other that well. I don't hang out with him all of the time, but we've a kind of good way of communicating when we're acting and understanding each other, and he's very generous and patient and kind as an actor.

In Jersey Girl you have a big scene where you talk about sex. Was it easy to film?
That was my first scene. I was so scared because everyone had already been shooting for a month and I came on in the middle of the movie and I had five pages of dialogue and I didn't want to ruin the movie. But I really like this character so it was fun getting to say those things.

You and Ben get to share a shower scene. What was that like to film?
Wet! It was really gross actually because we were on a sound stage and so it was pumped water from a tank and it was all dirty. It was yocky and not nice!

Wasn't it like a media circus when you were there because of the 'Bennifer' thing going on?
Well, when I wasn't working I'd go home because it was only two hours away. I didn't really get to spend any time with them off-set. I didn't get to know Jen at all. She was also making a record and they'd shot all of their scenes together by the time I started.

How do you deal with being so famous?
I still get shocked by certain things that happen. I mean, getting out for a premiere in a car and having zillions of people scream your name, that's like, oh my God. Or having free things sent to your hotel all of the time. I mean, those things are actually quite dangerous because you get so used to it. Like, the week of Oscars, every day two or three huge bags and baskets of free clothes would arrive - I was so excited and I was sending stuff to my mom and my girlfriends, but then the day after the Oscars nothing came again!

Your dad's the lead singer of Aerosmith. Coming from a music background, what's the first thing you remember buying?
There was this record and I still have it. It's called The Mini Puffs and it was basically children singing all these songs by Blondie, The Ramones and ABBA. That was my first big obsession. My mom also had an Iggy Pop record and I used to run around the house naked when she played it!

Do you have any singing aspirations?
Everyone asks me that. Honestly, yes. I love to sing - it's like my secret dream, I'd love to be a singer. That's all I ever wanted to do my whole life, but I'm not, I'm an actor, and I really love what I do. I don't have any plans to make a record. I'd love to do a musical film, though.

Would you do theatre?
I don't think I could handle theatre. Firstly I have terrible stage fright, and secondly I've never been trained in that way and the thought of doing seven or eight shows a week, that's hardcore!

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