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Remember when she had normal ears...?

Empire Magazine, July 2004

It's been a good three years since we saw Liv Tyler in human form, driving men crazy in One Night At McCool's. This month sees her come back down to earth as the saucy Maya in Kevin Smith's latest, Jersey Girl. We caught up with her to find out about life without Hobbits...

How was it doing a small film after LOtr?

"Though I was so grateful and I loved it, I did kind of hunger for the chance to play a normal, contemporary woman. But then I found myself on-set on my first day of Jersey Girl, and I was scared. I actually found it really hard not to be Arwen, because for three years I'd relied on a wig, ears and a costume to get into character."

What did LOtr's success mean to you?
"The whole thing felt like a fairy tale. It's hard when things are actually happening to you to take a step back and see them for what they are. When we were at the Oscars ceremony it felt like it wasn't happening. When you watch them on TV it seems so much more real."

Is there anything you want to achieve?
"I think they're kind of personal things. I'm just trying to be a young woman. I grew up in the spotlight for a lot of my life. I'd never go back and change anything, but I've been doing this since I was 16 and last year I went through what I probably should have gone through when I was 18 - like being unsure about who I was and how I felt."

You embody that image of the woman who has it all. Is that how you feel?
"I feel incredibly lucky to have the things that I do, but I don't think anyone has everything. I don't ever feel like, 'Oh, I've arrived,' or, 'Oh, I'm great...' I'm always trying to work harder and better."

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