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Lord Of The Rings - The Players

Entertainment Weekly, June 2004

In a role expanded from the books, Tyler's doe-eyed elf maiden - who sacrifices her immortality to be with Aragorn - provided a romantic respite from all the testosteronic action... but wasn't so heartstruck that she couldn't engage in a thunderous horse chase.

Age: 26

On how an immortal can already seem human:
"When you strip away the fact that she's so wise and ancient, she's just a woman in love. Anybody can relate to that."

Her main inspiration:
"Fran Walsh cowrote and codirected my scenes [with Philippa Boyens], and I really bonded with her. I look at Fran as an actress; I can see what she wants just by what comes across her face. She is Arwen to me."

On romance's place in the Lord of the Rings pecking order:
"Aragorn and Arwen's story line is about the simple feelings of being left behind and feeling in love and torn. This movie's more into that part of the relationship. It doesn't get that deep into it. There are men with swords to be seen! Who wants to hear about love? There are heads to chop off."

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