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Liv on Regis and Kelly

Live with Regis and Kelly, March 23rd 2007

Neil Patrick Harris: Hey, she stars in the new film Reign Over Me, in theaters today. Please welcome back to the show the beautiful and talented Liv Tyler!

[Liv Tyler walks in]

Neil Patrick Harris: Welcome!
Kelly Ripa: Hi! Ran by you backstage... So good to see you... Ran by you sprinting! I am so sorry. So late on the air. How's everybody? How's the family?

Liv Tyler: Really good, thank you. How's your family?

KR: Oh, they're good. Thanks for asking.
LT: Do you have four kids?

KR: No, there's three, there's three. I mean, Neil is like... It's not proven that he's mine, but... We're doing paternity test.
LT: [laughs]

KR: Umm... But, how old is he now, Milo?
LT: He's just over two.

NPH: We have some pictures. May we show?
LT: Yes.

KR: Let's see him. Hey, is he into trains?
LT: He's obsessed.

KR: So cute!
LT: That's in Griffith Park at the Travel Museum.

KR: That's great.
NPH: Adorable.

LT: He loves it. Very serious about it.

KR: You take him out to these parks and zoos and things. People must notice you, they must be amazed to see you.
LT: Sometimes, umm, at the zoo they did, one day, but not all the time, sometimes they...

NPH: What are your thoughts on the paparazzi madness, with stuff like that? 'Cause when you deal with children, and privacy issues, does it feel like... Does that bum you out? Or, do you try to keep a low profile?
LT: I think I'm more used to it now, because of so many of the magazines, it sort of happens so much, especially here in New York. But I was just in LA for a while, and I had a little bit more privacy, amazingly. I never would have thought, but... It's pretty scary when it involves your kid, 'cause you feel very protective, and there is not a lot you can do about it. Other than move to the country, and hide away. So, I try not to... You know...

KR: But you did take a couple of years off, to focus on just being a mom.
LT: I did. Yeah, from the time I got pregnant until he was about a year old, I didn't work. I just stayed home, and it was so nice. I mean, I've been working since I was fourteen or fifteen. Sort of my whole life like a working woman. So it was so fun to just, you know, stay home.

KR: But, that's like, you know, that's like the real work!
LT: Yeah.

KR: Don't you think? I mean, when you went back to work, did it sort of feel like a vacation? People bringing you coffee and doing your hair?
LT: [laughs] It was great! I was able to enjoy it in a different kind of way. I think a lot of my, like, obsessions, or anxieties, or things that I used to have, now that I have a child, when I do go to work, I just feel a little bit more free and I enjoy it in a different kind of way.

NPH: That's great. You and your husband are celebrating your fourth year wedding anniversary. Exciting. Congratulations.
LT: Yes.

KR: Any big plans?
LT: I think we're gonna go to dinner. He wanted to take me to the opera and I begged him not to. I said, Please! [laughs] Sorry, honey. I like the opera, sometimes, but... Yeah, I think we're just gonna go to dinner.

KR: Is there a special... Is it like the Tin Anniversay? The Paper Anniversary?
LT: Yeah, it's actually Fruit & Flowers! [laughs]

KR: Fruit & Flowers? Oh, that's nice.
LT: Yeah.

NPH: You're gonna get some of each? [laughs]
LT: [laughs]

KR: We're gonna take a little break, and talk about your movie Reign Over Me. Okay?
NPH: Absolutely.


KR: Welcome back the beautiful Liv Tyler who stars in the new movie Reign Over Me. You and Don Cheadle have great chemistry, by the way.

LT: [laughs] Thank you.

NPH: You play a therapist, who helps...
LT: I do, yeah. Well, Don and I work at the same building, and he's a dentist and I'm a therapist, and he won't, like, commit to any "therapy" help at all, but he'll wait for me every day outside of the office, and ask questions for his "friend". And then he brings Adam to see me later on in the movie.

NPH: And this is a whole different side to Adam Sandler than most people have seen, right? It's not Happy Gilmore.
LT: Yeah. No, I mean... It's actually really funny, though, the movie. People think it's really serious and there's some great laughs in it. It was such a relief in between the dramatic parts. But, Adam is such a good actor, and so... There's something so real about him, and so touching. Especially in this part, you really feel for him and relate to him in a really nice way, so...

NPH: Well, let's show the audience what we're talking about.
KR: Where you're telling Charlie that he needs help telling his story?

LT: Yeah. I think he's come to see me a few times at this point, and everytime he comes to see me he says, Is it over, can I leave now.

KR: Right. So now, he's just gotta get it out. Here's Reign Over Me.

[Movie segment]

NPH: Wow. A whole different style. Very adult role, that's great. Congratulations.
KR: Great, well acted on your part, on everybody's part in the movie. It's Reign Over Me. It opens today!

LT: [handwaves, blows kisses to Neil and Kelly]

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