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Liv on Conan

Late Night with Conan O'Brien, March 23rd 2007

Conan O'brien: My first guest has appeared in such films as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Armageddon. Now she can be seen in the new movie Reign Over Me. Please welcome Liv Tyler!

[Liv Tyler walks in]

Liv Tyler: Hi!

CO: You look gorgeous!
LT: Thank you.

CO: Thanks so much for being here.
LT: You look handsome.

CO: I look handsome?
LT: I like youe tie.

CO: Thank you. What is it, is it me or the tie?
LT: [laughs]

CO: So nice to have you here. I'm told that you get... It's funny because you're an actress, but you get nervous around crowds. Is that right?
LT: Yeah. That's why I never look over there. I just stay fixated on you.

CO: Now, really?
LT: I do, I get...

CO: Well, I only look at them.
LT: [laughs]

CO: It'd be a weird interview - you'll look at me, I'll look at them the whole time.
LT: Some people, like, play in to the audience.

CO: Right, right, right. Yeah, it just makes you nervous, and you get nervous around crowds?
LT: I do, and I'm always really nervous that I'm gonna, like, trip or something, 'cause I'm so... [laughs] Or that... Or that I'm gonna faint, 'cause sometimes I'm a little bit of a fainter, and I've fainted before.

CO: You faint, really?
LT: I've fainted a few times.

CO: Just for any reason, you get a little nervous, and you just go down, like that?
LT: Well, once in a press conference I almost fainted. Because of fear, and that terrified me. The times that I've actually fainted were not fear-associated. But, yeah. I've passed out on set once.

CO: Oh, really?
LT: I was about to do... It was my first scene on a Robert Altman film called Cookie's Fortune, with Julianne Moore and Glenn Close. And right before I walked out I passed out, it was so scary.

CO: It's all these sort of legendary people, and you just... When you pass out... I've never passed out in my life. And, it's gonna happen soon. But, what happens... Do you just, is it like you go to sleep, and you just fall, I mean...?
LT: It's the scariest thing in the world. I mean, really, you just feel like your whole body's gonna shut down and die. But the weirdest thing is that I always...

CO: I have that a lot. I constantly feel like, it's all gonna go.
LT: You feel, like, really hot and flushed and nervous, and then... But the thing that's so weird about me, and my friends always talk about this, is that I always make an announcement. I'm like, Honey, I'm gonna faint now. And then, like, two seconds later I, like, hit the deck. [laughs]

CO: Apparently that's what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to say, I'm going to faint! It's like yelling "fore" in golf. You're supposed to say something, and then, and that way someone can catch you, or put a pillow down...
LT: Yeah.

CO: Or just run away.
LT: [laughs]

CO: You've a beautiful smile. I've...
LT: Thank you.

CO: And, it's funny because I was reading about you today, and they said that you've had braces fairly recently. What kind of braces did you...?
LT: Invisalign, that little clear...

CO: The clear ones?
LT: Yeah, yeah.

CO: And you know, it's funny because I've never... And those come out, right?
LT: Yeah, you sort of, like, snap 'em in and snap 'em out, and... It's supposed to be a really quick thing, and, Oh, you only need them for three months. And, like, a year later... [laughs]

CO: Right.
LT: You're stuck with these things. My grandmother, I went to see my grandmother, and I had this one big tooth that always sticks out, and she's, like, Honey, that tooth is looking really bad. [laughs]

CO: You've been in movies, and videos, you know, and you've done... for a long time. And I swear to God, I never noticed a giant snaggletooth coming out.
LT: [laughs]

CO: "Hi everybody, how are ya!" I...
LT: I was really relieved, though, that she'd told me. 'Cause I thought, like, it's so refreshing to have someone like that in your life, like that, that'll tell you you've a booger, or your fly is down, or your breath smells, or your tooth is too big. [laughs]

CO: I'd rather not know those things. I want all those things at once. And I want no one to tell me. I think there's nothing dorkier-feeling than putting in some set of mouth-gear.
LT: Oh, it's crazy.

CO: Not too long ago, my dentist said, You're grinding all your teeth down. 'Cause I'm a crazy, you know, at night I'm sleeping, "I'll get that Max, I'll get that Joel," and I'm grinding. And, they told me, Here, that's okay, just wear this thing every night. And every night, before I go to sleep, I go like, Well, time to go to sleep.
LT: [laughs] It's not very sexy at all.

CO: And I go to sleep. Yes, the least sexy thing in the world, to say to my wife, Hello, honey.
LT: [laughs]

CO: [points to the crowd] Well, that girl likes it, but no one else does. Is this right, you went to Mexico fairly recently?
LT: Yeah, like, a week ago we went to Mexico, for... to work for my cosmetics contract, Givenchy, and my best friend Victoria is from there. So I stayed with her for a week, and it was really great.

CO: Where in Mexico were you?
LT: Mexico City.

CO: Okay, yeah. Beautiful country, though.
LT: Gorgeous. And she had always told me this really funny story that I didn't believe, that was, when you come out of a bar and you're really drunk, there's these little boys that stand outside with car batteries and electrocute you. [laughs] They'll give you a shock, or something.

CO: What a charming story.
LT: And I never believed her.

CO: Why doesn't the Mexican tourism bureau mention this?
LT: [laughs] I didn't do this.

CO: In their ads! "Come to Mexico. You'll have a few drinks, and then our boys will electrocute you, when you're walking in the street."
LT: They'll all stand around in a circle, and hold hands, and then with the car battery... I didn't do it. But she took to this square...

CO: Why are they doing this? You can't just mention something like that casually, you know?
LT: [laughs]

CO: Why do they do that?
LT: I don't know. I mean, I don't know.

CO: Is it, like, a joke kind of thing?
LT: I think they think it really works, I don't know.

CO: Works to do what?
LT: To sober you up. [laughs]

CO: They... People... This is a... This is a... This is a hangover cure? I've heard of other... Now, I've never heard of that before.
LT: I haven't either. Well, then she drove me to this...

CO: "I've had too much to drink. I need to stick my finger into that socket. That'll straighten things out."
LT: [laughs]

CO: That is so weird!
LT: It's so weird, it's crazy. And then she drove me by this square, this massive square, there's, like, six hundred Mariachi performers.

CO: Yeah.
LT: All dressed in these, like, skin-tight, sexy bullfighter outfits. And they stand around in this square, like prostitutes in the street with their arms up, like, and they want you to drive by in the car and pick them up, and hire them to come and play Mariachi music at their...

CO: Oh, so they're not prostitutes.
LT: [laughs] They literally come outside...

CO: I gotta remember that when I go. "What are you doing? Why are you singing? Oh, right!"
LT: [laughs]

CO: That was weird, I'm sorry.
LT: So they're very sexy and, like, all in the street in those tight trousers. And they're, like, running up next to your car, and...

CO: That is so neat that you can hire a Mariachi band like that. "You guys, come with me!"
LT: And if you've had a fight with your girlfriend, you can go to the square, and pick them up, and they'll drive to her window, and serenade her and win her back.

CO: Right. And if and she still won't make out with you, you can electrocute her! "That didn't work, now these kids are taking over."
LT: [laughs]

CO: Let's talk about Reign Over Me. This is a... And, I've talked to Mr. Don Cheadle and Mr. Adam Sandler about this. So, it's really a nice movie, and you guys have a very nice chemistry in this movie, all of you. It seems like everybody really got along.
LT: We did, yeah.

CO: Have you worked with these guys before?
LT: No, I never... I think I met them before, but I can't remember. No, it was a really nice...

CO: Right.
LT: Adam's, like, the sweetest man I've ever met in my entire life, ever.

CO: He's one of the nicest people in show business, seriously.
LT: He's for sure the nicest famous person, ever, on the face of the earth.

CO: Right.
LT: But, he's also, I think, probably, one of the nicest men I've ever met in my entire life. He's really, just really generous, and kind, and so nice to everybody, not just you or the crew, anybody that's around. Really encouraging.

CO: We have a clip here from Reign Over Me, and, you know, you're probably better at summing up the movie than I am... But, I guess, Adam's been to a traumatic experience.
LT: Yeah.

CO: And then, he bumps into Don Cheadle, they were friends a long time ago. Adam's lost his family, and he's suffering...
LT: Yeah, and he's suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder.

CO: Yeah. And then he starts hanging out with Don Cheadle, affecting Don Cheadle's life. And you're a therapist.
LT: You've done a great job! [laughs]

CO: Yeah, I'm very good. I'm great in the movie. And I brought my own clip that I want you to see. And... And so you're helping, you're trying to help out.
LT: Yeah, I'm a therapist, and I work in the same building as Don's character. He's always stopping me in the street, asking me for advice for his "friend", but he won't actually come and see me. And then he brings Adam to see me, and then I try and work with him a little bit, but he's really not very open to it. And in this clip I say, Well, if you don't want to talk to me, you should at least tell someone your story.

CO: Right. Let's take a look at this clip from Reign Over Me.

[Movie segment]

CO: It's funny, because Adam is such an upbeat person. He's done a very good acting job. He's very convincing as a depressed person.
LT: [laughs]

CO: Reign Over Me is in theaters now. Liv, thanks so much for being here. Really nice to see you again. Liv Tyler.
LT: Thank you. Bye.

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