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Liv gets back to her loveliest

by Sal Morgan, Ninemsn.com.au, March 22nd, 2007

Liv Tyler, like most stars, had no problem turning up to a therapist to try and get some help. The only problem was they didnt know how to help her. "I had such a complicated growing up experience with my real dad (Steve Tyler of Aerosmith) and my stepdad and I lived here and there," the 29-year-old says. "So much had already happened in my life that, by the time I was a teenager and went to the therapist, they literally did not know what to say. They were completely shocked! My life was too complicated. They were like, I dont know what to do!

Trainers, plastic surgeons and stylists come and go, but therapists are a staple part of most star diets. "Having a therapist is just like, you know, totally normal when you are famous," Nicole Richie told me a few years ago. Jennifer Aniston joked: Its one of the longest relationships Ive had.

After that initial failure, Tyler tried a few more and finally found a winner. The teen model turned movie star seems pretty normal but says she still has "internal struggles" about her family situation and recently had to increase her time on the sofa.
"I got very nervous and neurotic and worried," explains Tyler when she was offered the role of playing a therapist in 'Reign On Me', her new film that comes out today. "I sent my shrink the script and was in her office at least three times a week for two hours at a time, trying to learn all her tricks. It was funny because my therapist actually said to me before, 'you would be a good shrink if you werent an actor'. And I was like, 'whatever', but then I went, 'really?' I didnt know how to take that."

For now, Tyler is happy making baby food and blockbuster movies.

Ive always enjoyed acting, but theres a part of me thats shied away from living a celebrity life," she says. "I dont feel comfortable being noticed all the time. I sometimes fantasize about doing things other than acting. "But I can remember getting back on set after having two years off with Milo and went, 'ahhh, this is what I have to do for a living'. Its what makes me happy.