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Liv Tyler - Movie Q & A

The Daily Record, April 6th 2007

Liv Tyler stars alongside Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle in Reign Over Me about two friends coping with loss after 9/11

Did you think you were too young to play a therapist when you first read the script?
No. I'm 29, and if I had been in school for eight years, I could be a shrink. But it was important there was something green about her, that she really loved what she did, but that it was new to her in some way.

How did having your son Milo change you?
Parenthood changes your life in every way possible. There's this beautiful thing in your life, that means more to you than anything else. I was really lucky, I took two years off work and enjoyed that time.

How has motherhood changed in your roles?
I don't know, I feel like parts pick me. I was ready to get back to work in something where I wasn't in every scene, with people I respected, then this came along. It was a character I'd never played before and a woman - and I was ready for that.

How did you prepare to play a therapist?
I got very neurotic and I called my therapist and sent her the script. I went to see her three times in one week for two hours straight and it was a weird dynamic. Suddenly she was teaching me her tricks. She'd actually told me before that I'd make a good shrink but I was like, 'Oh shut up!' I didn't know how to take that. So, I worked a lot with her.

How did you get back into shape after giving birth and did you feel pressured to because of your job?
I've been working since I was 14 so I've always been this girl with all those pressures.
So I was really excited when I got pregnant to not put that pressure on myself, to not obsess about myself and just to think about my baby, have fun, cook and eat and not think about work.

But when Milo was nine months old I was walking back from the nail salon and I was still wearing a maternity top and my picture ended up in US Weekly - and they asked if I was pregnant again. I got really sad and I dialled 1-800 HELP ME and went to see a trainer.

I really had to work hard. It took me a year to lose all that weight. And one day I was back to normal again.