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The secret of the woman who everyone loves

Spanish Glamour, February 2007, Scans and translation by LizzyF

She is humble, proud mom and beautiful actress. This year she plays in The Strangers, Smother and Reign Over Me. She will surprise you.

The appointment is set in suite 438 of Hotel Urban of Madrid, 13:30 in the afternoon. However, my meeting with the actress didn't happen till two hours later. "Liv has just finished a photo session and wants to rest and eat". Givenchy's Public Relations department, a brand that the heroic Arwen from The Lord of the Rings is the face of, apologized briefly. I have 120 minutes to think that Hollywood stars are light-years away from human beings or they have a team of people that is in charge to make them look like divas. At the end I will conclude that in this case, it's the latter. It's my turn. I found her in the elevator surrendering to press agents, stylists, makeup artists and she receives me with a lovely smile. She looks amazing, wearing black. They take pictures of us, and while I smile tensely next to this world-class beauty, she, very conceited, touches her lips and asks her makeup artist for gloss.

Do you feel lot of responsibility as an icon for millions of women?
I think I'm not. I feel pressure about other things. I love to communicate with women, that's why I love my work as the face of Givenchy. One of my passions since I was a child has been taking care of the skin, makeup... Everything related to feeling good about yourself. When I was little I gave massages to my mom, I loved to see how she put her makeup on and now I like to share that with people.

Do you think there is a lot of importance to beauty?
To me natural beauty is one thing and computer-manipulated beauty is another thing. Look at that photo of me there (the publicity picture of the new Prisme Libre), I am not like that in reality! I think it's insane to compare with those unreal beauties. There is an obsession with physical appearances, and they give less importance to the interior aspects, to people's opinions. See in the Oscars for example, it looks more interesting what you are wearing than the character you played.

What do you think of plastic surgery?
I think it's good that it exists. I am in favor of reconstructive surgery; for someone who has been burned for example, I think it's fascinating. Also, if someone is bothered by something in his or her appearance, it could be helpful. However, I don't want it for myself. I see 25-year-old girls with filled lips, botox on their faces and the result doesn't seems attractive to me. I think women get beautiful when they get older; it's natural.

What is a normal day in your life like?
Every day is different. If I'm not working, I am at home, I wake up next to my son Milo (from her marriage to singer Royston Langdon), I have breakfast, walk the dog, go to the park or visit friends, and I have dinner at 5pm. These days are the ones I enjoy the most because I love to be a mom. But also I love to travel and make movies. I feel very lucky to have a profession that allows me to work very hard while filming a movie and to be able to dedicate the same amount of time to my family.

You have said that having a baby was one of your dreams. What other dreams do you have?
Many! Family is very important to me. I would like to make it bigger. Also, I would love to have a house away from the city and from my public image, something very special and private in the country, a place where I could feel free next to my family.

And professionally?
Being an actress can make you neurotic [laughs]. You get worried thinking that you are not going to get a role anymore; then you work, but you keep thinking that you are not going to act anymore... Balancing a career as an actress and a family is complicated. That's why I always concentrate on the immediate future, trying to work the best I can. I am happy with my role in Reign Over Me, in which I play a therapist. It's the comeback to the business after being a mom and finally I am playing a grown-up woman!

Black and white style
She likes to dress for movie premieres, wear lovely and elegant designs by Prada, Alexander McQueen, Rochas, Lanvin or Stella McCartney, her favorite designers, and wear heels. "It's an aspect of my life, but I am not like that everyday. It takes too much time to look that perfect," She says. In these events she always shines for her beauty. However the actress does not always feel comfortable. "I'd rather see myself in flip-flops and a simple dress. I find myself sexy when I feel healthy, free and relaxed. Besides, I think it's not good to obsess over these things," she says.

Her beauty secrets
She loves to exfoliate the skin at home, get facials and conditioner on her hair. "To me it's a pleasure to dedicate a full day to these regimes, but I cannot do it frequently, once a month is enough for me," she says. Everyday, she cannot live without using anti-dark circles eye cream, lips balsam, blush and compact - "I don't like that skin shines" - neither without hydrated the skin, although "Two years ago I realized that my diet does more for my skin than any other thing. If I eat healthy (fruits, vegetables and proteins) drink water and don't eat greasy food (fries or sweets), my skin looks wonderful".

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