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Liv on the cover of Mexican Elle
The magic of Liv Tyler

Mexican Elle, May 2007, Scans by Selhiador, Translation by LizzyF

Fortunately, Liv is not a "party-on skeleton". she is a woman, with a womanly shape. She is also a beautiful, peaceful person. She is a mom, an actress and a model and she tell us how she balances all these functions.

It's natural that when a celebrity like Liv Tyler - The Lord of the Rings - visits these Mexican lands, everyone wants to be with her. Her schedule was saturated but she dedicated to ELLE enough time to take these wonderful photos. Before that, we asked her if she would be OK with these exotic and colorful birds and she had no problem at all, she loves animals. In the middle of the session, she asked to bring her son Milo, 2, to see them. It was very sweet to watch to Liv being a mom and showing him the birds. But the funniest thing was that he calls them "guau, guau!"

When the photo session was over we met her on the patio of the Condesa d.f. to talk a bit about her life and career. We had a splendid day and Liv suggested to sit in the sun, we were surrendered only by the intense color of the trees, the environment couldn't be better. Now with coffee at hand our chat began. We told her that it would be published in the May edition for mother's day and we would like to know what being a mom meant to her and how difficult it was to start working, filming her new movie Reign Over Me, after two years off.
"It's wonderful, it's the best thing I've ever done in my life, but I admit that at the beginning it wasn't easy, you just don't take care of yourself. There were days when the night arrived and I hadn't had a shower, was still in my pajamas, but then you get used to it. About coming back to acting, I didn't find it that complicated because I love acting, I love my job and I have had the advantage that I could take Milo with me". To our curiosity to know why she named him Milo to her son, since it's not a common name, she says "We thought a lot about the name but when he was born we decided he looked like a Milo - that's the reason".

Liv found out at 9 that her real father wasn't Todd, who was dating her mom Buell when Liv was born and signed her birth certificate, but Steven, member of the famous band Aerosmith. It couldn't have been easy to discover something that big, but she says she is very grateful to Todd who has been like her father and to Steven, for the truth to be, altought he wasn't there for her in her childhood. She knows Steven had serious problems with drugs and wasn't in a condition to take care of anything, she understands that and doesn't feel there is anything to forgive. This says a lot about her, she is a person that doesn't hold grudge and doesn't look back, a quality she learned from Buell, her mother who has always been a fighter.

You have to admire her self-confidence and the fact that she didn't submit to the demands of the industry to be extremely thin. She doesn't care about that, she feels comfortable in her skin and that's the real proof that women can look beautiful without being size zero. She likes fashion a lot, and is not a fashion victim. We found out that other thing she feels passionate about is skin care, and you can tell, because her skin is in-cre-di-ble.

When we ask how she likes Mexico, she says she is happy here because one of her best friends, Victoria, lived in Mexico city some time ago, so besides of the Givenchy lipstick event, she will spend time with her friend Vicky.

The original scans (in Spanish):