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Liv on the cover of Inside Edge
Aerosmith's little angel

Inside Edge, December 1994. Photos by Simon Upton. Scans by Sanne.

She has a rock star father and a former supermodel mother, and now she's breaking out on her own. Inside Edge talked to this emerging star after the premier of her first movie, Silent Fall, a murder mystery with a twist, co-starring Richard Dreyfuss. Although she is pretty well known for her Bongo Jeans commercials and Aerosmith videos on MTV, she has always been in the shadow of her father, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. Now, with one movie just out, another one soon to be released, and shooting starting on a third, this seventeen year-old beauty is making a name for herself in Hollywood.

IE: So what was it like growing up as the child of two celebrities? How did this affect you?
Liv: It didn't really affect me. I just got to see a lot more and know a lot more and go through and be put through a lot more. It's harder because I never really get to see my father. With both our schedules, it's so hard to talk.

How does he feel about your career?
He's really proud of me. He hasn't seen my movie yet, but he was really proud when he saw me on the cover of Seventeen.

Where did you grow up?
In Maine - Portland and Yarmouth. All my family still lives there. I'm always in and out of New York City, but when I'm there it's great.

Is it strange to go back, now that you're famous?
Usually when I go back, I'm with my family. And when I go out, I go to the most random places and bump into people I haven't seen since the fourth grade. They all look the same, just a little taller.

So, how big of a star do you want to be?
Whatever happens happens. I just want to make good movies. I don't want o be an action hero or anything. I just want to have a nice life with children. It's hard to be a woman in show business. Everybody wants a piece of you, so you have to keep your radar up.

Well, for a seventeen year old, you certainly have been quite busy. Tell us, why did you choose the movie Silent Fall?
That was my third reading and Bruce (Beresford) gave me the part, so of course I was going to do it. I was reading scripts and stuff, and I was in Venezuela, filming the Bongo Jeans commercials that were on MTV. When I came back, Bruce wanted me to come down to Baltimore. I was on my vacation, and I didn't think I was going to get the part, because of all the other girls with big names.

What was it like working with Richard Dreyfuss, Linda Hamilton, and John Lithgow?
It was great. I really got to learn a lot working with all those very experienced actors.

Out of curiosity, if you could choose your own cast for any movie, who would you pick?
For a director, I would love to work with Martin Scorsese. Jeff Bridges and Robert DeNiro are really great actors. I don't know, a lot of people.

Now getting back to what's happening with you, you have another film too, right?
Yes, I just finished one and I'm just starting a new one. The one I just finished is going to be called either Heavy or Upstate Story. It's me and Shelley Winters, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Deborah Harry, and Evan Dando plays my boyfriend. It's this really great story about all these people in upstate New York. There's this diner called Pete Sully's tavern. It's Shelley's diner, Debbie works there, and Pruitt plays Shelley's fat son Victor who is really confused and not normal. I come along and start working there and Shelley hates me and Pruitt falls in love with me. It's a really wonderful story about the relationships that develop and just what happens to these people. I felt a little more comfortable doing this film, maybe because I had more experience.

And what's the third film?
It's called Empire and the director is Allan Moyle, who did Pump Up The Volume. It's a generational story about a day in the life of a bunch of kids who work in this record store. Everybody is 17-24, and it's about all this insanity that happens in one day. These people are all lost and nobody knows what to do with their lives. For me it was nice because it's not as dramatic as the other films. I have one or two dramatic scenes, but I also get to laugh a little and have some fun.

So it's kind of like a Generation X film?
No, it's not a Generation X film. I'm not Generation X, that's late twenties.

No, it goes all the way down to you.
Well anyway, I don't like the title "Generation X."

Really... what title would you give our generation?
I don't know, "generation smarter than our parents."

[What would Daddy Steve think of this?] You think we're smarter than our parents?
I think we've learned a lot from everything. Even though our generation has been kind of slacking and not doing much, and education is not as important as it used to be, I think we've heard and seen so much and know what's right and wrong.

[Heavy] Do you want to go to college?
I'd like to take some time off. I know what I want to do, I just have to start doing it.

By "it", we assume you mean music, right? Besides movies, do you have any musical aspirations?
Well, I'm still a little suppressed rock singer deep down inside. I love to sing. I love to write. I can't play any instruments, though, which is too bad. But one of my friends is going to teach me guitar.

What about music, aside from Aerosmith?
My favorite album right now is probably Hole's.

Do you listen to a lot of rap?
No, I used to, but I can't even handle it now. I can't even be near it. It really upsets and bothers me.

you're seventeen now, but how old do you really feel?
Eighty sometimes. That was the problem with modeling. I had to be so old and dress so old all the time. Also, I have a lot of responsibilities and that makes me feel older.

Are you still modeling?
I haven't modeled in about a year. I never really liked modeling. It's fun, but it's not right for me. I love to look at beautiful women in beautiful clothes, but it's not something that I enjoy doing. I like doing my thing, being an entertainer. I don't like to just sit there and look pretty. I want to f-cking scream.

Would you ever do nude modeling?
Nude, no. I love pictures with no shirt on and instead covering your breasts. I think that always looks beautiful. I would never do Playboy, or pose naked for something. I don't think I would even do a nude scene for a film. So far, every time there's been a nude scene, they've changed it for me.

Do you consider yourself a shy person?
A little bit. In big crowds I get really nervous. I get little shakes and my knees get weak. I have to have somebody's hand to hold.

So who do you think is the sexiest man and woman in show business?
Oh, I don't like the word sexy. But for women, Uma Thurman... and there's this model, Tatiana, who is so beautiful. She looks like a wolf. But I don't think about people like that. I don't find men very sexy anyway. I look at women more and think they're more beautiful than men.

What are some of your favorite films?
There's a lot of movies I haven't seen. And then there's so many books I've been trying to read, but in the seconds I have away from work, I have to either do my schoolwork or read scripts. For school I had to read f-cking Macbeth, A Tale Of Two Cities, and Catcher In The Rye, which I actually liked a lot. My favorite author for a while was Anais Nin. I love the movie Henry and June, and that movie Sabrina is one of my favorite movies... so is Stand By Me.

What else do you like?
I'm a horrible, sick romantic. I love red wine, candles, and lights... all those sexy things, dark nail polish, all those things. OK, can this be the last question?

OK, one last question. What part of heaven are you from?
Hmmm, what part of heaven. I think I'm an angel, because I'm very strong, but I'm also very sensitive, too sensitive. And my heart is too big and that makes it hard for me in life because people always let you down. That's just the way I am, and some people can't deal with that, and some people try and take advantage of it.

Well, from what we've seen, we think you're an angel as well.

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