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My world in 24 hours

UK ELLE, May 2007

The actress tells ELLE about fitting in photoshoots and sit-ups with her husband's gigs-and how she'd love a lie-in

Wake up in our [Manhattan] apartment. I used to love lie-ins and would sleep until mid-morning on my days off, but that's impossible with my son Milo [two and a half]. My waking-up time is now determined by whatever time he wakes up and it's usually early. Occasionally he lets me sleep in until 9am, though, which is a treat.

I put on some jeans; I love getting dressed up in Marc Jacobs, Chloe and Christian Dior for special events, but mostly stick to a casual look during the day. We [Liv, Milo and husband Royston Langdon] go down to the kitchen with our dog, Neal. We love big leisurely breakfasts to set us up for the day. Roy and I take turns to cook it and, as he's English, he makes a great traditional cooked breakfast, with all the works.

I'm the new face of Pilgrim jewellery and I have a shoot to do for the ad campaign today. It's not too far from where I live in New York City, so I walk there. I walk everywhere in New York as it's so easy to get around on foot. It helps that I'm not a fan of heels; I wear flat shoes even out to dinner, as I'm so tall. Today I'm wearing some cute pumps by Lanvin.

On arrival I go straight into hair and make-up, which takes a couple of hours, and then we begin shooting. I enjoy the creative process of making beautiful pictures and the team is great. Every shot takes a long time to get right, though, so it's a lift when Milo arrives with his nanny.

I love Danish fashion and the Pilgrim art director is wearing a great pair of trousers by Baum und Pferdgarten. I tell her I love them to bits and she actually takes them off and gives them to me! I don't want to take clothes off someone's back, but she insists; how nice is that? My friend Helena Christensen has a boutique called Butik on Hudson Street in New York that sells brilliant Danish pieces by Rutzou and Camilla Staerk. I often pop in on afternoons off.

The shoot finishes and we have a light lunch. I generally forget to eat until mid-afternoon as my breakfast carries me through. I usually have a salad or Milo's leftovers and go for a chicken salad today. I'm not into crazy diets and I don't obsess about my food. I eat healthily most of the time but if someone offers me a piece of cake, I'll have a piece of cake.

I get back home and decide to go to the gym. I put on my gym clothes and my puffa coat before walking over there. I try to stay in pretty good shape and work out about three times a week when I'm in New York. If I'm away shooting a film, this can fall by the wayside, so I make the most of it while I can. I have brilliant personal trainer called David Kirsch and today we do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges and rowing. I don't do any heavy weights, though. I stay on after my session to do some extra cardio work before walking home.

Back at home, Roy and I put Milo to bed before we have our dinner. I make pasta and it's delicious. We spend lots of nights at home and often have friends over as I love cooking. I'll make roast chicken, pasta, soup and apple crumble - my grandmother gave me the recipe as it's my favourite dresser. I enjoy going out for dinner, too. New York has so many brilliant restaurants. I especially like Pastis, where Roy and I had our wedding reception.

Roy and I have a few glasses of wine and chill out. We chat and listen to music, which I love. I especially like Etta James, Kings of Leon, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Roy is in a band [Arckid] and I go to see him play as often as I can.

The shoot took it out of me today so I have an early night. I prepare myself for another early start tomorrow and fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

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