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Mr. Hulk and Liv Tyler

by Aldo Rubio, Nologo News, July 2007. Translation by LizzyF

Very soon one of the most beautiful woman in the world will have to deal with the worst of the gentlemen: The incredible Hulk

Liv thanks for this interview, it is true that you will be in a Marvel film?
Yes is great, is something I didn't expected or that I expected I could do some day, I have always loved the comics action characters. Who wouldn't like to be the girl of Spiderman or Superman? I think finally I can be part of one of those comics, I already was the girl of the LOtr hero but this time will be an extraordinary film that is The incredible Hulk where I play Betty Ross. The partner of doctor Bruce Banner, who is a scientific and the key to take the Hulk from banner, to make him free of his anger, of his monster inside. Is a complicated romance and now this have made Betty to put his past behind and move on. The film will be now about the search of Hulk, the most extrange creature. A creature with anger. Is a persecution trying to capt Bruce Banner, back to my character, to Bruce's life, just as explain the film director Louis Leterrier. My character is a mix of drama and action, I hope that the chemistry between me and Edward Norton will be terrific. He is an excellent actor and I think the character is excellent for him, only see him on Fight Club makes me really exited. We'll start to film in Toronto this summer so soon I will go there, and I will be on the cinemas next year in June; by now is the character I have and the work, that for now I have to work on and I am really exciting.

What kind of preparation will you do for the character?
Well I will lose some weight, I will do some excersice too, and will make a change of my image to adapt to Betty Ross. I think I will also read lot of comics to feel the character, now I am becoming fan of Hulk and I am loving the force of Betty on the comics. She is the kind of strong woman that I want to play and I think will be something new for me.

What do you think of the Betty Ross played by Jennifer Conelly?
I think is amazing, Jennifer Connelly is a wonderful actress and her character goes very well with the Hulk Ang Lee. Now I think the essence of this film will be different, still will be Hulk but from another perspective. The script is amazing is a fantastic aventure and you will like it a lot.