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Liv comes from Love

German InStyle, August 2007. Scans and translation by Rose of Rivendell

Liv Tyler has become an adult, in the cinema as well as in real life. Now she is the wife of a rocker and the Mom of a little baby. That makes her more beautiful than ever.

Liv? Is that Liv Tyler? The figure who runs through the lobby of Beverly Hill's "Four Seasons" Hotel does definitely have the right height- about 1,80 metres in flat ballerinas. But actually she cannot be that person. The same Liv, who let you wait for hours at the time Lord of the Rings was shot because she wanted to have a special Latte macchiato, hurries ahead of the press at an appointment for an interview? "Liv!", someone calls, "please smile for you fans!" The young woman stops, turns towards a group of tourists and waves in front of their mobilephone cameras. "Sorry guys", she calls, "I'm in a hurry."

Five minutes later she sits smilingly opposite to you.
"I was a real menace in the past, or?" Well yes, but who wants to talk about the past? The Liv Tyler today is lovlier and more snow-white like than ever. Her full lips shine in cherryred, her waist-long hair shimmers like lacquered. Liv has just become 30 years old, on July 1st, and nevertheless she looks still like a little beautiful schoolgirl. The small straps of her blue-white flowered Jill-Stuart-babydoll show well-formed shoulders and a flawless, milky-white skin.

"A menace? That's perhaps a bit exaggerated, but you've been a bit, well..., difficult." Liv Tyler laughs. The singing, happy laughter of a girl.
"I have been difficult indeed. I didn't know who I was and what I wanted. I think I made up for my puberty then. I began modelling with 14 and I've been shooting one movie after another since I've turned 16.", she explains. "Then I married and bought a house (in Greenwich Village, New York). A dream came true. But at the same time I was crushed by all the responsibilty." Liv sits totally straight and holds her fragile pianist's hands in her lap in a relaxed manner. "I had to deal with craftsmen and brokers and I had to do things of which I didn't know anything. Suddenly I had to grow up and become an adult. During that period I cried a lot." What did her husband Royston think about that? "He was nearly driven mad."

What difference a baby (her son Milo was born on December 14th, 2004) and taking a break from the movie business for a few years can make. Liv does not remind you of an overburdened sniveller at all today. Not that she had ever hung around doing absolutely nothing: Full of enthusiasm she took up her role as a mother.
"My zodiac sign is cancer- very family-orientated. Already with six years I dreamed of a stable full of children." And in 2003 the Parisian luxury house Givenchy chose her as the new face for its cosmectics series. Her classic beauty fits the tradition of the company for which already Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany) was a figurehead. "My friend Paulina Porizkova, who has been the face of Estée Lauder for quite a long time, always preached: "Watch out for an exclusive contract." And when the offer from Paris came, Liv accepted it happily. "Those ammounts of most excellent cosmetics that they lavish on you! And the finacial security is wonderful. To know that you don't have to do any movie just because of the money."

The movie for which the model-Mom Liv was finally prepared to let her son Milo alone a bit more is the psycho-drama Reign Over Me, that will be released in cinemas on August 16th.
"I was nearly a bit offended how little Milo has missed me.", she says. In Reign Over Me Liv plays the role of a psychologist, who tries to free a dentist (Adam Sandler in an unusual serious role) from his mourning trauma, years after he has lost his family during the attack on the World Trade Center. "The role has been a real challenge. Because I still saw myself as a girl when we started shooting the movie. But I was already 29 years old at that time, a wife and a mother. I should have been able to play an adult woman." In order to cope with that challenge, Liv Tyler made use of the help of her psychotherapist, whom she knows for an eternity and visits in irregular intervals. "During the weeks before we started shooting the movie I became totally neurotic. I sent her the script and visited her three times a week. During our discussions a really strange dynamic finally developed: She told me all her tricks. Although I have been her patient!"

Her visits at psychotherapist have a long tradition. During her teenage years Liv lay on the sofa regularly and tried to explain her complicated family background to the analysts.
"My first therapist couldn't close his mouth. My family took his breath away.", she recalls. Liv Tyler's family is pure Rock`n`Roll. Her mother Bebe Buell was "Playboy" model, casual singer and the super-groupie of the Seventies. Her repertoire of lovers can be read like the Who's Who of the rock music scene: David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Rod Stewart, Iggy Pop. Until she was eleven years old Liv believed that Todd Rundgren, her mother's rocking companion, would be her Dad. However, she was already troubled with doubts concerning her ancestry when she was eight years old. During an Aerosmith concert she was introduced to Aerosmith's leadsinger Steven Tyler. "I recognized how similar our hands look and that he has the same way of walking." Because of the striking similarity with her halfsister Mia Tyler, Liv finally dared to take her mother to task. Yes, she has inherited Steven Tyler's lips. No, in order to be a good Daddy, he has taken too many drugs. "In retrospect", Liv says, "it's cool. As a child I would have rather been called Jessica and rather wanted normal parents."

Liv refused innocent dates like other teenager have them and rushed into a few big lovestories instead. The last one before husband Royston Langdon was dedicated to the actor Joaquin Phoenix to whom she still feels close enough after the end of their relationship to entrust him with the director's job for first music video of her husband's new band Arckid. Thin and a head smaller than Liv, Royston does not seem to be a Rock'n'Roll god. He comes from a classic working family from Leeds in the north of England. Liv loves the holidays with his faultless and lovely family. Liv does not mind that the music of Royston's new band is still regared as an insiders' tip.
"Milo is our biggest success.", she says, "And I had to satisfy my yearning for a family first before I could enjoy my profession again."

And to become more and more beautiful in this process:
"Milo was already one year old, but I still wore a babydoll that belonged to the clothes you usually wear during pregnancy when paparazzis took photos of me on my way to a nail studio. The photo was published with the caption "Liv pregnant again?" "I looked like a whale", she tells frankly. "That was the prelude to a horrible year: protein-diet, fasting, pilates, yoga, running and visits in a gym together with a personal trainer six times a week." Do Hollywood-Moms not always claim to regain their former shape without any help? "Yes, I've heard that as well. Because they're breastfeeding and carrying around their babies,or? Maybe I'm not enough Hollywood. Believe me: My return to my perfect weight was exhausting, boring and very, very expensive."

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