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... my Tyler is funny!

by Luc Vincent, "20 ans" Magazine, March 1997

Slumped in the settee, the daughter of Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell, 19, giggles like a drain, sticks out her tongue every five minutes and plays with her hair. In ďThat Thing You DoĒ, Tom Hankís first movie and silly musical saga on the 60ís, Liv plays the singerís groupie.

Youíve known a lot of things since Cannes and "Stealing beauty" ...
(wearily) Above all, I saw about a thousand of people, too much for me anyway. I was with my mom over there, we couldnít step forward without be assailed.

In Tom Hankís movie, you are in home ground: music, singers, tours ...
Iím told this by everybody, but no, I donít see the connection with my life. The sixties, I havenít known, even if Iím crazy about the Beatles, the Stones, the Supremes, the Byrds, the Ronettes. I play a normal, ordinary girl, who is from a village. Well, so as me, for that matter (laugh).

Would you like to become a singer?
I sing, yes. When I was a child, I trained myself to sing in front of the mirror imitating my mom. Become a singer isnít a priority, but who knows ? Tom Hanks gave me a sublime guitar, an acoustic Gibson. But the strings are so hard that you would need two hands at least to make them vibrate. I let it at Los Angeles, against a wall, I will start doing it again when I get back.

Are you aware of the boysbandsís fashion ?
What is this crap ?

Are you sure today to want to be an actress ?
I never had any doubts about the job but Cannes put me in state of shock, I felt overcome, I read silly things about me, some things I didnít do or say. I understand better why the stars are paid so much. (she giggles)

Can you fool the journalists in interviews ?
I try to be honest as much as possible, but thereís always some bastards who try to trick me. Itís always the same, they imagine theyíve got all rights, in particular the one to know my private life. Me, I argue: ďThere are secrets I donít want to share with the whole planetĒ, but that doesnít work, they become aggressive and say to me: ďChange your job, madamĒ. I stare at them and I think: "Fuck you".

Well, one "bastard" question, all the same ...
... No, not you, for goodnessísake.

Iím insistent, you seems to be going to get married to Joaquin Phoenix, Riverís brother ...
Married? (she twists her mouth) What piece of malicious gossip is it ? Where did you read that ? You donít read "National Enquirer" all the same ? Well, well done. No, I donít get married.

And about Joaquin Phoenix, itís a little right ?
That, maybe. (she giggles)

Since youíre famous, how did your life change ?
The more I work, the more I have a feeling Iím 14. Well, itís sure, Iím only 19. (she giggles) But I learn to live, too.

You have time to do it ?
Now, no, I travel too much. But I just moved into my own apartment, without my mom, I have billions of boxes I have to unpack.

Are you a good housewife?
I cook, I listen music, I watch video, I take some baths, an extravagant lifeÖI like to hunt for antiques too, I love wooden piece of furniture, the beautiful painted little things ...

What sort of things shock you in your "star" life ?
But Iím shocked everyday. I meet some really strange people in this job, I donít speak of Tom Hanks, who is an adorable guy. But itís not the case of everybody: there are some really rotten and pretentious people.

Have you met some Superstars ?
You mean like Arnold Scharzenegger ? No, Iíve met some lesser famous people but really cool.

With who have you been most impressed ?
Without hesitating: Pee Wee Herman. I met him at a party in L.A. Yet, I hate both parties and L.A, but this is a digression. Anyway, somebody tell me ďPee Wee is in the roomĒ. And then, I become overexcited, I force my way through the crowd, I charge on him and catch his hand: ďI love you since forever, you made my childhood more attractive, all my family is obsessed with youĒ. He didnít know who I was, he must have believe I was mad because he looked terrorized.

Who would you like to make a film with ?
I watch a lot of old-movies and I wish all the people I like are alive. Truffaut, for example. I discovered ďJules et JimĒ, itís incredible. And the little guy in "400 Coups", he is really really beautiful! Oh, he still makes film? My boyfriend is going to be green.

You seems to be obsessed with 50ís pin-up, is that right ?
Obsessed, not that much, but I like pin-upís pictures. Theyíre beautiful with their curves. They look like fruits, some beautiful and ripe fruits, some plums for example.

Does the fashion interest you ?
Until a certain point. I like clothes, but not the fashionís world. I love Prada and old-fashion and very womenís thing. Gallianoís imaginative world too, with wigs and things, I like that. And Iím fascinated with underwear, corsets, stockings, things like that.

What do you think of your physical appearance ?
Today, Iím atrocious. I need a competent make-up artist and a competent hair-dresser. (she giggles)

What is your strong point physically ?
For goodnessí sake, not that kind of question. Why this torture ? I like my fingers because, when Iím nervous, I can nibble at them, eat a little of skin around nails. Look, Iíve got a bited finger. As a result, I was given a manicurist, itís cool.

And what do you like in your face?
My mouth, because I can nibble it. It seems my nose is quite well too. You know, the first time I went to L.A, I was about 15 and I was having lunch at Spago, a chic restaurant on Sunset. And in the toilet, there was an atrocious, fair-haired, rich, pink and all done up old woman who was staring at me in the mirror: "Hey, my little girl, can you give me the name of the surgeon who made you new nose and mouth ?". I was traumatized!

Then, all the women are false in L.A ?
I donít know if they are false, but theyíre all the same. Me, I donít care, I live in N-Y, where itís exactly the opposite: each one want to be different. Anyway, my mom is 43, she looks 25 and I can tell you she isnít operated. I think the women are beautiful at 40, as soon as they have got wrinkles. Look Jeanne Moreau, she is fantastic, I donít know if she had been operated, but she is beautiful ...

Do you like to be anonymous in N-Y ?
Anemic? What an horror! No, no, Iím full of iron, quite the reverse.

No, anonymous ...
(she giggles) Well, the fans, I drive them away ... No, Iím joking ...

Do you want to become the centuryís star ?
What I want, itís to go back home and go to bed.