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Liv Tyler is Betty Ross 2.0

Empire Magazine, April 2008

"There's no bouncing in this film", insists Liv Tyler, "No bouncing at all", She is referring, of course, to the Hulk's preferred method of transport and one of the more maligned aspects of Ang Lee's interpretation, which saw the irradiated one leaping across the Arizona desert like an immense green wallaby. "I has there weird bouncing dreams after watching that", she recalls, "but thankfully there's none of that here".

Stepping into the shoes Jennifer Connelly wore last time around, Tyler takes on the role of Betty Ross, Bruce Banne's former colleague and the beauty to his beast within. But several years after Banne's apparent death at the hands of his highly combustible dad, Betty has a new job, a new life and a rather less angry boyfriend.
"At the beginning of the film you see that despite everything she's slowly begun to rebuild her life. But then suddenly Bruce is back, and she's in complete shock. I spend most of the movie like a deer caught in the headlights."

As a self-confessed geek, Tyler spent time preparing for the role as the bookishly beautiful physicist by delving into Hulk mythology with start and scripter Edward Norton. The pair spent countless hours discussing Bruce and Betty's history, right down to what exactly they were working on prior to the first film and the nature of the ill-fated experiment that first turned Benner into his raging alter ego.

"You know, Edward actually foes through a similar sort of transformation," she muses of her co-star, "On screen he's this very serious and sexy movie star. it in person he's actually more like Woody Allen! It's fascinating: on camera this whole other thing happens to him but he's really just a very sweet nerd - in the nicest way".

Erroneous internet rumors currently have Tyler connected to a remake of The Last House On The Left, but she won't, as far as she's aware, be appearing in an update of the Was Carven chiller, She will instead make her horror debut in Bryan Bertino's The Strangers, a disturbing tale about a couple being terrorized while trying to get away from it all at an isolated holiday home.
"It's a really eccentric, dark little movie", she says gleefully of the film which looks to be the wholesome, dulcet-toned actress' most disturbing project to date. "I think they actually wound up cutting a little because it was too realistic - people thought it was a snuff film or something".