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Liv on Letterman

Late Night with David Letterman, April 23rd 2001



Liv Tyler: I love your clothes very much.

David Letterman: Thank you very much. Congratulations on this movie. Boy, I thought it was very entertaining. You know, it's funny, it's exciting, it's scary, it's everything you need in a movie.
LT: It's wickedly fun.

DL: I mean, you were really good. I mean, you're really good in the movie. And you're just a kid, aren't you? How old are you now?
LT: I'm 23, I'm gonna be 24 in two months.

DL: Well, see, that's my point. I mean, how did you... How did you get so...


DL: [Laughs] They're applauding that you're so young, they're applauding that in two months maybe they'll be invited to the party? What are they...?
LT: [Laughs]

DL: Because when I first met you - and I think we've talked about this once before - you were like 14 or something like that.
LT: I was very impressed that you remembered meeting me. I met you in St. Barts.

DL: Oh man, but what a meeting that was!
LT: [Laughs]

DL: I remember it was you and some people. I don't know who the guy was, but...
LT: It was Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova...

DL: Yeah but there was, like, a guy with them. There was some guy, and he's wondering around, and I'm just... I don't know what I'm doing, and I'm saying, 'Over there,' I say, 'That's the east over there, that's the ocean'. And I said, 'The sun comes up over there'.
LT: [Laughs]

DL: Not every day! And the guy's just... 'Hmmm... Okay'. Like that was fine with him. Like some days it didn't come up in the east.
LT: [Laughs]

DL: And... But, look at you now, you're just a... You're a fantastic actress.
LT: Oh, thank you so much.

DL: Now, how... Did you acting lessons? Does this come easy to you?
LT: I have never taken any acting lessons.

DL: So it's all natural?
LT: Yeah. [Laughs]

DL: This movie is just great. I bet it was really fun to make the film, no?
LT: It was incredibly fun, it was really a hoot for me. It was really kind of a liberating experience, doing comedy, which was very different from a lot of my other work. I had a blast, the cast was extraordinary.

DL: Did we leave anybody out of this? We mentioned John Goodman, Paul...
LT: Michael Douglas you didn't mention. That's the cameo you were...

DL: Oh, Michael Douglas!


LT: He was very funny.

DL: He was very funny, he's perfect in this part, because he was just kind of a creepy, weasly, greasy guy.
LT: [Laughs]

DL: And he's just, like, perfect for that, with a really, really bad toupee.
LT: Worst quiff in the whole world, yeah.

DL: Yeah. How long did it take to make a movie like this?
LT: This one took about two and a half months.

DL: So that's not bad at all, is it?
LT: No.

DL: Where were they shooting?
LT: We shot in L.A.

DL: The whole thing was done in California.
LT: Yeah.

DL: But it was supposed to be in, like, St. Louis, or somewhere in Missouri, or something like that?
LT: Yeah. [Laughs]

DL: And... I mean, what do you do when you're making a movie like that? Is it hard work, or is it fun? Are you goofing around?
LT: It's actually a lot of hard work. I don't think people really realize how much hard work goes into it. 'Cause you... Having to get up at five every morning, and then you shoot all day. But it's great fun. I mean, come on, you get to pretend all day.

DL: Right.
LT: Play dress up, and...

DL: Would you ever go out with somebody twice your age? [Laughs]
LT: I'm engaged, Dave!

DL: Oh, I'm sorry. Just hypothetically, just hypothetically.
LT: I'm engaged! [Show ring]

DL: I know, congratulations on your engagement. You're engaged to... Uh...
LT: Roy, from Spacehog. And I actually came with them.

DL: Roy from Spacehog. You were backstage, yeah. How are things going for Spacehog?
LT: Very good, they're on tour.

DL: Do you go on tour with...?
LT: They're going on tour with Oasis and The Black Crowes, and I'm actually gonna go, which I'm very excited about, 'cause I've never been on tour in my entire life.

DL: Be careful, because these rock n' roll guys are nuts!
LT: [Laughs]

DL: You know? I mean, you oughta know!


DL: How's you dad doing, speaking of...?
LT: He's good, he's actually on vacation.

DL: They were supposed to be here a couple of weeks ago and he kind of blew us off.
LT: I heard. Sorry. [Laughs]

DL: I'd better have you here than him, believe me.
LT: Ooh, thank you. [Laughs]

DL: How old is the oldest guy you've ever gone out with?
LT: Oldest guy? I have no idea.

DL: Well, like, like, 40? Have you ever gone out with anybody who's 40?
LT: [Laughs] Never. Never.

DL: Never?
LT: I'm not a big dater.

DL: Not a big dater.
LT: I haven't been in the past, and certainly not...

DL: What do you and Roy do when you go out, you know, like an evening... Dinner?
LT: We stay home and we watch you on TV every night.

DL: Oh, God bless you.


LT: Seriously. I cook dinner, and we watch Dave.

DL: Are you a pretty good cook?
LT: Kind of, yeah.

DL: What kind of stuff do you make?
LT: Anything.

DL: Really? What's your favorite thing, if you get, like, half an hour notice, what are you always gonna make?
LT: Oh God, that's hard. Probably something light, like a salad and some grilled fish or something. [Laughs]

DL: That's pretty good. Cooking fish is tough.
LT: Yeah, it is, actually.

DL: And, like, how many minute on a side?
LT: What do you cook?

DL: Well, the same thing. A salad and some grilled fish. Are you...? Is it...? It's like you've been reading my diary or something!
LT: [Laughs]
LT: How are you doing?

DL: I'm doing fine, I'm doing fine.
LT: Yeah?

DL: Yeah. [Laughs]
LT: How's your heart and everything?

DL: My heart is unbelievable. I've never felt this good in my life. And, you know...
LT: Healthy?

DL: Healthy. Old, but healthy!
LT: [Laughs] You're very handsome.

DL: Thank you very much.


DL: Alright. I wanna tell you something, in all honesty. I want this movie to be a big hit. Because I watched this movie and I like it, and you can tell within the first five minutes whether you're gonna like something. And this thing, this gets better and better and better, and you carry the whole movie. I mean, your performance is captivating. So, I'm thinking, 'This will be great. I want this thing to go through the roof'. Because, you know, I spend my days watching movies that are no good. So when you get one that's really good, it's exciting. And, this... just explodes, and I want this thing... people I hope they go see this thing.
LT: Thank you.

DL: We'll be right back here with Liv Tyler, ladies and gentlemen.


LT: Spacehog!

DL: Yeah, yeah. That was Spacehog. That's great, that's great.
LT: [Laughs]

DL: And, when the movie... What are you doing between movies? What do you do...? You're going on tour, you'll be gone for a long time?
LT: No, they're only going for a couple of months.

DL: Couple of months? And you'll be the whole time?
LT: I don't know, I hope so. I'm really...

DL: Really, you wanna be out there every night with these guys?
LT: Yeah, I'm such a big fan, and I just... I'm in awe, and I wanna watch all the time. And I also... Because I...

DL: Is it like a bus? Are they on a bus?
LT: Yes.

DL: Ooh...
LT: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure.

DL: What do you do...? How do you do, on buses?
LT: It's hard, actually, because there's no shower on the bus or anything. It's a bunch of guys, you know? And I called Roy the other day, and I was like, 'So when you get to each town, after you've... you go to... and you get a room and you have a shower and stuff,' and he started to laugh. [Laughs] I just thought... So I thought I'd need to bring a suitcase of baby wipes with me. [Laughs]

DL: You know, what you should do is... If it were me, I would... You know that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, he's, like, 70.
LT: [Laughs]

DL: Honestly, they're married, and he's, like, 70. And I... Plus, I've heard that he's a sexaholic, did you know that about him?
LT: [Laughs]

DL: But, if I were you, I'd get an itinerary of the tour, and I'd find out cities, you know...
LT: They're actually all really major fun cities.

DL: Pick cities that you've never been, like, half a dozen. You don't need to go to all of them. And I just fly in a day ahead of the band and we meet everybody there. You know? Get yourself a nice comfortable suite and go to the show.
LT: Go to the shower.

DL: Oh, no. You wanna show the people a clip of the film?
LT: Yeah, yeah. What do you have?

DL: I don't... Well, you tell me. I know what it is, I think I know what it is. It's you washing the car.
LT: No, God ...

DL: No, you don't wanna see that one?
LT: It's OK.

DL: What's the matter with that one?
LT: I'm just a little embarrassed. That's OK. No, it's OK. Alright...

DL: You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm telling you why, because the performance is done with such confidence, that we, you know, we don't for a second worry about you.
LT: OK. [Laughs]

DL: I'm telling you! This is a strong moment in the movie.


DL: What, what? Well, if you don't want us to show it, we won't show it.
LT: No, no, no.

DL: OK, alright. Set it up.
LT: OK. Well, the movie is kind of... You see it from three different perspectives - three different men - of the same kind of story.

DL: They are all captivated by your character.
LT: By her. They see her in a completely different way. And John Goodman plays a cop, and he sees her as kind of this... Yeah, he likes her a lot. And this is his fantasy of her washing a car.

DL: OK, here we go. Take a look. One Night at McCool's. Watch.

[Clip: One Night at McCool's]


DL: Yeah. Yeah.
LT: I was actually very nervous about you seeing this, 'cause I thought I'd shatter all your lovely images of me. [Laughs]

DL: No, no, it's fine. You see what I'm talking about? You're so confident, that we don't have a second to worry about. You know? I mean, you're in complete control, so we don't care.
LT: Yeah, she is in complete control. More than I am.

DL: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Very entertaining film. So, now, what are you doing...? Me and the Survivor guy are going out for a steak and a big potato?
LT: You know, I've never seen Survivor. Is that horrible?

DL: You've never seen the show?
LT: No. I'm telling you, I never watch TV. I watch Dave.

DL: Oh, that's right, we've the only show you watch. This is the only thing really worth watching.
LT: It is! [Laughs]


DL: Do you like motorcycles?
LT: I hate motorcycles.

DL: You hate motorcycles? Me too.
LT: Very scary. [Laughs]

DL: Yeah. Would you like to buy one? I'm trying to unload a motorcycle. I hate 'em!
LT: Roy likes motorcycles.

DL: Oh, Roy! Have Roy give me a call!
LT: [Laughs]

DL: Roy will call! How long have you known Roy?
LT: About six years.

DL: When do you think you'll get married?
LT: I don't know.

DL: Will it be, like, a big kind of a deal, the wedding?
LT: Ummm... I just want it to be really special, and... I mean, considering that my family is enormous, with my two fathers, and all. [Laughs] I want it to be family, and just, you know, beautiful.

DL: Yeah. Have you thought about, you know, details, like, where, or...?
LT: I'm not gonna tell you. [Laughs]

DL: No, no, no, I'm not... I'm not, you know, weaseling for an invitation.
LT: You wanna go? I'd love to have you.

DL: I would love to come... But, have you thought, would it be indoors, would it be in a chappell, would it be outdoors, would it be in a big church, a cathedral, be on a cliff, or...?
LT: Still thinking, planning, planning. Yeah. [Laughs]

DL: And, would you like to have a family right away?
LT: I've always wanted to have lots of kids, I think probably because I'm an only child, and... I'm not planning on anything immediately, but I'd definitely...

DL: Are you and Roy on the same page with this...?
LT: Yeah. [Laughs]

DL: Roy's ready to go on the marriage as well?
LT: Oh, he asked me, yeah. [Laughs]

DL: But he wants to get married right away, or... wants to wait, or...?
LT: Taking our time. We're both busy at the moment.

DL: Yeah.
LT: We wanna plan it right.

DL: Yeah. And, do you have any career conflicts?
LT: No, actually, he's so supportive of me. I don't think I could have done any of this stuff without that. Particularly in this film, being so comfy...

DL: I bet this drives Roy nuts, doesn't it?
LT: Boobs, and everything. [Laughs]

DL: Yeah. [Laughs]
LT: They're not mine, OK?

DL: Oh, come on! Come on!
LT: I had a lot of help!

DL: No! Is that right?
LT: [Points at chest] Hello? [Laughs]

DL: You're fine, you're fine. What has Roy been telling you?
LT: [Laughs]


LT: Can we talk about how excited I am that Billy Idol is here?

DL: Billy Idol is here.
LT: I have the best luck. Last time I came on... David Bowie the last time. I just went up totally star-struck, and I was, like, 'Hi! I really love you!'.

DL: Well, stick around. You can stick around for when Billy Idol comes out here.
LT: Yeah.

DL: That'd be fun. And, so, the movie opens Friday, this Friday.
LT: Yes.

DL: And... I mean, if you're not happy with the film, and I don't want no cranks on this deal. If you're genuinely not happy with the film... Oh, forget it, because, you know, you ruin it... Just go see the movie.
LT: [Laughs]

DL: I was gonna guarantee, you know, like, a money-back thing, but I don't wanna do that, because... People are always looking to sue my ass about something.
LT: [Laughs]

DL: And then they're never taking anything in the right spirit. You know what I'm saying? But it's a lovely film, and you're lovely in it. You're the entire film. Good to see you again. Nice to have you here.


DL: Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back here with Billy Idol.

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