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Interview with Liv Tyler

by Michael Biglier, "Super" Magazine, July 1995

Revealed in "Stealing Beauty", the lovely Liv Tyler is already back with "Empire records", a splendid and very very rock summer comedy, which reveals a new facet of her talent. Liv know Rock very well since her father is Steven Tyler, Aerosmithís singer, and since she secretly dreams to become a rockstar. Super meeting with the more hot lolita of the moment.

You were told who was your real father only at the age of 8. Why did your mother keep this secret ?
When I was born, Steven was a drug addict. My mom worried and thought the best thing for me was to be far away from this universe. When I get to be 3, we left and I knew a normal childhood this way. I made my father acquaintance only after his detoxification.

What have you inherit of him ?
My legs! The first time I saw him, though I still didnít know he was my father, we have joked about the similarity of our legs! Otherwise we are both quite speed. And obviously, I have the same lips than him! My lips are always looked at at first when I meet somebody.

You are a model, an actress. Will you be a rockstar like daddy ?
I hope so! There is a rockstar in me who only ask to blossom! Unfortunately, this girl doesnít know playing instruments! I began to learn guitar and I love to sing. Iím a huge fan of rock. My favourite bands? Hole, the Rolling Stones and of courseÖ Aerosmith!

How did you manage to be a famous model and a normal high-school student at the same time ?
When I was travelling, I had a teacher who gave me private lessons. But I have to admit that the returns to high school werenít easy! All my girlfriends thought I had a beautiful life. Me, I was jealous to see that they were lucky to be able to screw around. Me, on day I made photographic session and the evening I did my homeworks. Moreover, if I began to make photos it was only because I didnít want to do baby-sitting! And it ended up by takes up all my spare time. And I had to say goodbye to the boyfriends and parties with pals!

Why did you go into the cinema ?
I felt like that for a long time. I looked for an agent and he suggested me a script. And I got the role, though I didnít expect this! All the more since it was coveted by really good actresses.

Do you still play the top-model today ?
No, acting give me a lot more satisfaction than sit for photos. And then, the fashion is a milieu where all is too much easy. You spend your time to be told again how youíre beautiful and you are only paid for your physique! I worked hard to become an actress and this is this difficulty which is exciting.

Today, what are your ambitions ?
I want to continue studies. But I donít know if I will have time to enrolled myself in an university. But it seems the lifeís school is quite well, question of education! Another of my envies, is to be able to take a break and to travel. Otherwise, and more than all, I really want to do good films!

Liv in "Empire Records"
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