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Life is Good

By Andrea Carugati. Italian Vanity Fair, 11 of June 2008, Translation by Maria

She gave us an appointment to talk about her new film. But, a few day before the meeting, she has announced her separation from the husband. This interview is the demonstration that also the stars cry. And that, inspite of all that, they're able to look ahead.

"The most important thing that I've learn, in this last year, is that nothing is forever. So, I don't like to make projects: I try to live day by day".
A gold heart, a simple pendant that hang down from the neck of Liv Tyler. I look it, she note it and hide it inside the grey dress that make her more voluminous than she is. She seems very different from the last time we saw each other. Last spring I found her sunny, happy, playful, ready to celebrate the loves of her life. Today she seems humble, the pallor of her complexion that made her perfect for the part of the princess of the elves in The Lord of the Rings is exasperated, and you can read sadness into the blue eyes, into the tone of her voice, into the splendid but taut smile.
The reason of this sadness is not a mystery: a few days before out meeting, Liv Tyler has announced her separation from the British Rocker Royston Langdon. She had no time to escape from the customary interviews for the promotion of The Strangers, the story just coming out in the United States of a young couple that during a vacation in an isolated place, is terrorized by three disturbing disguised aggressors. To protect her the most possible, the access has been granted to a few journalists, and at one condition: forbidden to look through the private life. But we do our work and, in situations like this, even the answer to a generic question can tell something of personal. She is well conscious of it and in fact she weighs the words, with a distrust that is not her usual, and that, it is understood, it almost weighs her.

This film talks about our fears. Which are yours?
"Presences" frighten me, the invisible things. I grow up into the forests of Maine, in a big house, and I always been afraid of the dark. Still today, when I enter in a hotel's room, the first thing that I do is to check out if there's something under the bed. I don't fear monsters: I fear the idea that it could be someone, or something.

What's your definition of fear?
We can consult the dictionary, if is that that you want.

I think you've understood what I want.
Yes. I've understood that you're trying to ask me a question. And I'm trying to do not answer.

What relation do you have with fear? Do you suffer it or you use it like a instrument?
I use it, if I can, and for sure I don't suffer it. I'm an actress, and I live in a society in which happen things that could terrorize you all the time. But I don't let me immobilize. I like the challenges. I would say that I even like fear. In the sense that I like to deal with it.

She looks me, she slightly contracts, she arrange herself on the chair, she straightens the back, She has already understood what I want.

Talking about fears, I don't know if you're ready to talk about it, but...
She interrupts me, decisive.

If you're asking me the question that I think you're asking me, I tell you now: no, absolutely no. I'm not ready to talk about it.

What do you think, in this moments, of your star's life? The paparazzi that are out of there waiting for you, here all of us that are trying to make you say something on your divorce: has the punishment been worth?
I have not regretted. I'm an human being like all the others and- although I consider me a privileged, because I'm not an ungrateful stupid my life isn't perfect, like nobody's life. Even to me happens things that I don't want to, and I must deal with that things. To be an actress, of course, it behaves a series of consequences, some positive, some not. I love my work but I hate paparazzi. To tell the truth I don't like even the interviews and you journalists, especially in moments like these. However to act is a magic, it gives you intense emotions, and this is a fortune that I don't forget.

Therefore the answer is that the punishment has been worth.
You've said this, not me. I can't stand to people that put in my mouth they're words.

The blue eyes are narrowing, the lips are shut, the smile is disappeared and the tone is of what doesn't admits replicas. I remain a bit badly, I assure her that I don't have intention to make her say things that she has not said. I beg her to excuse me if I gave her that impression. Maybe she understand to have overdone: she smile, put an hand on my knee and she keeps on speaking with a tired, feeble, almost incomprehensible voice.

I'm sorry, I didn't want to be rude. It's just that I'm not really ready to talk of this thing, and I already had too many bad experiences with the journalists.

You've got two films coming out: Hulk and The Strangers. Will you take a pause now?
To say the truth I've already passed a couple of years without working. I have enjoyed the pregnancy, I have enjoyed Milo (the son, three years old). It has been an important experience, it is served to strengthen our tie. Then I felt the need to go back to work and I've made three films afterwards, but now I'm halt for some months and I need that, because I was stressed physically and psychologically. I feel already better.

And now? Do you want to devote yourself to the child or you're ready to go back to work?
In this moment I like the idea of come back to work. The good thing of this job is that I can shoot for two moths afterwards and then stop myself for other two and dedicate them to my family, live like a normal mom. Wake up in the morning, get breakfast ready, take him to school, go to take him again, watch together the cartoons Milo is crazy about Scooby Doo sing the songs, well take care of him all the day. I have the fortune of live two existences, one professional and the other personal.

If Milo one day would came to you and say that he want to be an actor?
I must wait and see what is the better for him. For me has worked: at fourteen years old I was already acting, and, of course, I didn't enjoyed my teenage like I could, but at least the work keeps me away from troubles, in a period of big excesses in which between the guys there was many drug. I had my way to entertain: I still remember my eighteenth birthday, in Italy, on the set of Stealing Beauty, with Bertolucci.

Do you remember what you thought then?
I've a sister of 19 years old, at the college. When I saw her I always says to her that that she must enjoy this moment, because it will never get back anymore. We throw away our youth to think when we will grow up, then, suddenly, we grow up. Probably me too, when I was eighteen, I thought to when I would grow up. But that's life, and life is good. I'm happy of how has gone until this moment. To Milo I wish only a thing: to be able to be what he will want to be.