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Liv Tyler: Too beautiful for me

"20 ans" Magazine, May 1998

At canness film festival, our reporter tried to make Liv Tyler believe that he was as cool as Bruce Willis ... that didnít work ! A starlet again ? Pfff. On the seventh floor of the Carlton, the debutante actress is waiting for me, probably intimidated, probably ready for all the baseness to have an article in "2O ans". Easy in my mind, I leave her hanging about. Steven Tyler and Bebe Buellís daughter is biting her blue nails, drinking her Coca through a straw and having a smoke "American Spirit". Iím approaching, a little blaze, and suddenly her navy eyes fix me in the eyes, Liv in live. I faint. A little after ...

Well, you are damn beautiful ...
(she chuckles) Really ? You think so ? Thanks.

(looking for coziness) Last year, we saw each other before at Cannes, you must remenber !
No, not at all. I was with my mother, I presented a small film, we slept in a shabby place and our press attache dropped us everywhere. It was crazy. We did shopping, we played casino ...

You have grown, youíre terribly beautiful, a star is born...
(she chuckles) All this media hype around me make me laugh. Itís both flattering and scary. This morning, a guy made me sign a picture. I was flabbergasted; it was a photomontage, there was my head but not my body. It was the one of a woman wearing black clothes, sexy, who was crawling on the ground. I didnít say anything but itís strange ...

Youíre terribly beautiful. Itís not surprising that, in "Stealing Beauty", the dirty old men all run after your virginity ...
In the film, at least. Because, me, I was there in order to learn and work. I jumped out of my bed at 5 in the morning, I was always the first. I opened my eyes wide in order to all spy on and remember all of this great experience

In fact, this story of virginity, thatís not a little autobio, is it ?
(she chuckles) I can see what youíre leading up to. What is the question ?

I wouldnít want to be inquisitive ... (come off it !).
The virginity loss, itís a major problem for all the girl. You must find the good person.

(Worried) Really ? And itís the case ?
(Insolent) Perhaps.

(Worried) You mean you are with somebody ?
Iím in love.

(Contemptuous but green) You have got a partner, then ?
(Insolent) Perhaps.

(very edgy) Then, youíre free or you arenít free?
Iím still free but not available.

(Vengeful) You have time to go to school, at least?
What do you think. I got my degree two days before beginning "Stealing Beauty".

(Skeptiqual) Really ? It seemed you spent more time in concerts than in the faculty ?
I went in more concerts than the other teenagers but that stops here. I had a childhood totally different from what people tell. I grown up in the Maine, in a big white house. I had braids and a dental system, I played with cows, I cycled and skated on frozen ponds. I saw sometimes rock-stars at home, but my favourite, lggy Pop, Iíve never seen him. Yet, heís one of my momís friend.

It seems your mother (who is keeping an eye on her from a distance) is not really stable ...
What ? What are you telling ? My mother left all in order to bring me up. As for my father (Silence), we became good friends. Heís a father when it needs.

(all at sea) In fact, youíre a good girl ...
Thatís going a bit far. I was naughty. I created havoc at school.

(Tired) Then, what is your goal in life?
It must takes hours ...

(hoping) Iíve all my time...
Not me. There is other journalists who are waiting for me.

(Thanks). Well, you donít fear to become an affected woman ?
What ? No, no. I live in a strange world but Iím armed. Iím not going to change.

You donít fear to be manipulated ?
Try and I kill (she laugh.)

Well, I donít know if we will see each other again, you are going to become a superstar. Will we see each other again ?
Not really !

Liv at Cannes