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I consider myself quite smart

by Scott Orlin, German TV Today, June 2008, Scans and translation by Sandra

Hollywood-Star Liv Tyler (30) obviously has a little liking for famous script exhibitions: After the daughter of Aerosmith-singer Steven Tyler has bewitched the film-going public as celestially beautiful elf Arwen in The Lord Of The Rings she is to be seen in the action-loaded comic film adaptation The Incredible Hulk from July 10th - as savvy scientist alongside Edward Norton.

The Lord Of The Rings has been made with a lot of special effects according to a very popular script - was shooting The Incredible Hulk similar?
No. It was a totally different experience. For Hulk I often played without a physical counterpart because it was easier and more economical to create the scenes at the computer afterwards. In The Lord Of The Rings we used giant puppets in such cases.

What was it like for you, playing a scientist?
I was extremely strained at the thought of playing a scientist because that is so unlike me. I consider myself quite smart but I have been working as an actress since I was 14. I finished high school but I never went to College. Edward in contrast is so well-educated, received a doctorate in history in Yale. If he started to talk shop with me I would have to ask him to tell me something I, too, can understand. (laughs)

Did you think of your son Milo when embracing the role in Hulk?
You mean because we can watch it together? By all means. I still remember when we lived in Maine: There was a really small TV an my mother and I were almost obsessed with the TV show The Hulk!

Has your role as a mother changed you as an actress?
I'm no longer as reserved and anxious as in the past. Maybe because I have a child now, maybe because I have become more mature. The fact: being a mother changes everything!

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