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Super Woman

German Chica, July 2008

In Action movies women are allowed to be clever these days, but rarely play the main role. Liv Tyler doesn't only show her strong sides in Hulk - she more than deserves the title of a superhero in everyday life.

1 She's mega natural

"Someone to steal horses with." or "When she laughs the sun comes up." - quotations one has read about Liv Tyler a hundred times. And they fit. Cause her laugh never sounds fake and privately she dresses naturally. She'll never be one of the party women, either. "Sometimes I'm woken up at night by girls passing by, shrieking and drunken. Then I realize that I never want to be like that." For the 31 years old other things count. Not even expensive jewellery or the fame to be one of the best paid actresses in Hollywood make her as happy as cooking with friends or strolling in the woods.

2 She's super honest

Whether it's about talent or the daily eating plan - you often hear from many stars varying things from interview to interview. Liv sticks out of the mass with absolute honesty: She doesn't keep her fight with the weight a secret. While a lot of Hollywood ladies try to tell us that their figure is a vagary of nature Liv admits to be not always happy with her weight. "In the past it afflicted me but now I'm more content with myself and know how good sports is for me. Only after two days of training one feels bigger and better." Very exemplary. Also regarding talent Liv has an honest opinion: She would've loved to become singer, but thinks of herself more like an under-the-shower-singer. Nonetheless, she recently recorded a song with Evan Dando: "Though I doubt it'll ever get released." Liv says.

3 She's ultra strong

Liv may not be able to lift up houses, but she stands her ground in all areas of life. She doesn't need a stylist to tell her what looks sexy on her: "I'd never want that. I know best what I'd like to wear and what not." To photo shootings Liv often appears alone where other stars drag along their assistants and stylists. And while those have a chauffeur drop them off and pick them up again Miss Tyler often walks into the studio. "It's a good training at the same time." To do that in Hollywood you need ultra strong self-confidence. And style. Which Liv definitely shows.

4 She's invulnerable

Only when she was ten Liv learned that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is her father. Even though from then on money wasn't an issue she worked almost continuously as a model and actress. Not everyone can cope with that, as other prominent examples show. No trace of wild party times or even drug excesses: For her any incident, if positive or negative, seems to have resulted in a consolidation of her personality. The whole Liv package is so perfect that Liv Tyler isn't only a role model but also a true exception in Hollywood these days. A true Superwoman.

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