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Not just a beautiful girl

Max Magazine, 1996

Steven Tylerís daughter, turns up at Cannes in Bertolucciís "Stealing Beauty". Then she will be seen in Tom Hankís first film. A beauty at the age of 18 with a lot of style. New York, Cannes, Miami, Italy, Los Angeles ... YOU MUST LOVE THE trAVELING IN ORDER TO MEET BERNARDO BERTOLUCCIíS NEW MUSE, HOLLYWOODíS FUTURE STAR. THE LAST PLACE WHERE LIV CAN BE SEEN IS THE SET OF TOM HANKSíS FIRST FILM AS A DIRECTOR. FROM CANNES TO SANTA MONICA TO MIAMI BEACH, THE YOUNG ACtrESS ALWAYS WELCOMES ME WITH A SMILE. LONG LIVE LIV!

What are your biggest passions ?
Life and work. For the last several years, I have had the impression that I live permanently in a dream. I go from one pleasure to the other. Iím lucky to have my mother with me in order to give me advice and to guide me in my choices, but Iím so happy that it would seem foolish for me for bring up to myself questions about what is happening to me.

Have you ever seen any Bernardo Bertolucciís films before ?
I only knew who he was, thatís all. He wanted to meet me for his next film and I went to London in order to do an audition for Bernardo. That was my first journey alone.

What is it about, Stealing Beauty ?
I play Lucy, a young American , 19, who goes to Italy after her motherís death. She spends the summer with her familyís old friends. But things arenít going to happen as she expected.

Do you assume completely the sexy side of your character ?
Completely. Lucy is like a blossoming flower. All the visitors of the family villa are attracted, one way or another, to the young woman who is awakening to adult lifeís sensuality. Sheís the filmís fresh flesh. However, it doesnít mean that everybody wants to have sex with me.

Youíre told me that a part of the character is like you. Explain me that ...
Lucy discovers a secret about her parents and her birth. By a pure coincidence, it reminds me of my own life story. I grew up thinking I was Todd Rundgrenís daughter. And, one day, I discovered my father was Steven Tyler. I donít think Bertolucci knew that. He didnít know my story.

How was it to work with Bernardo Bertolucci ?
I will never forget our stay at Cannes for the projectís presentation. His first words there were: "I would like to introduce to you the star of my next film. She is my muse too." I was so surprised and moved by his words that I didnít know what to do or say anymore. I had never been among so many paparazzis before this day at Cannes.

Do you feel at ease with such famous parents ?
I grew up in Maine, with my mother (Bebe Buell). At that time, dad was in his trip, you know what I mean, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Mom preferred keeping me away from this harmful environment. Iíve known the real identity of my father only at 9. But today, itís good. We form a very happy family.

When did you see your real father for the first time ?
I was at one of Todd Rundgrenís concerts, the man I considered my father. My mom was there. She pointed to a man, not telling me he was my real father. He looked like Mick Jaggerís son. I didnít know him.

Do you think you are sexy ?
I have never thought I am sexy. Iím not a girl who spends hours in front of the mirror admiring herself. I wasnít brought up in a looks and appearances cult. When Iím made-up for photo-shoots or when I go to a party, I often have the impression that the person in the mirror is not myself.

Tell me a bit about your part in That Thing You Do!.
I play the girlfriend of a rock bandís leader, in 1964. Itís Johnathon Schaech who plays the singer. This film is a bit nostalgic.

Some people tell that Tom Hanks is a difficult director. Is that true ?
No. I read this article where they say that Tom threatened to fire all of us. Itís simply ridiculous.

We will see you soon on the screen in the film "Heavy", with Lemonheadsí singer. What is your strongest memory from the shooting ?
Evan Dando, the very cute bandís singer, was very nervous, because it was his first film. My stronger memory of this shooting is a scene where we had to jump out of a bridge. The technicians attached us with frames in order not to have an accident. It wasnít very difficult, but it was a first time for me too.

If you had to keep one memory of your young career, what would it be ?
Bernardo, during Stealing Beautyís shooting. I never had a conversation longer than an hour with him. Every morning on the set, we were smiling at each other, we were kissing and the day started well. I often thought I would like this shooting to last forever. Unfortunately, itís finished ...
Liv in Cannes