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Liv on the cover of Ciné Tele Revue
I am not the terror of Hollywood

by Christophe Combarieu, Cine Tele Revue, June/July 2008, Photographs by James White, Scans by LivTylerFan.net, Translation by Aliice and Lovelykiz

Liv Tyler is always where she's not expected. After a campaign for Givenchy and several comedies, the Lord of the Rings 'star is back in Louis Letterier's latest movie: The Incredible Hulk

We are glad to see you back on the big screen: after a string of dark comedies, you're now playing Betty Ross in The incredible Hulk!
After filming the LOtr I wanted to play in an action film again. And Louis Letterier came and proposed me the role of Betty Ross. I saw the first Hulk and back then I fantasized about being Jennifer Connelly and so the dream come true! Although filming the Hulk wasn't easy, working with Louis Letterier, who is a pure genius, was awesome. And it helped me to spend my extra energy and show that I can play in movies other than dark comedies.

How was it like to play alongside Edward Norton aka The Hulk?
Great! This guy is an angel, a real gentleman. At first I was skeptical about Edward's credibility in such a role but he blew me away! Actually, seeing him in "Fight Club" or "American Story X", we can guess that his schizophrene sides will be completely exploited.

Twenty films in ten yens and only three the past four years: are you sick of films sets?
No, I just want to make better choices now. I got in sets like if I get in my bathroom. I just didn't feel concerned. Monday, I was in a science fiction movie and Tuesday in a comedy. Now I've grown up and really know how lucky I am to have this job so I don't want to tarnish by playing in random movies. And to be honest I really wanted to spend some time with my son Milo.

Well, did you considered being a housewife
Not really even if when I gave birth to Milo I wanted to spend 100% of my time at home with him. I have acted in a lot of movies in ten years, I needed a semi-breake for my child. And believe me, when I discovered the happiness of being a mother, I didn't missed movie sets at all.

You said you tried not to play in random movies. Which ones are you thinking about?
Well movies like Armageddon or One Night at McCool's won't stay in our common memory. If I receive the same script now, I wouldn't accept them for sure.

In Hollywood, you are known for your honesty. In fact, are you working less because people are afraid of your strong personality?
Well I'm not Hollywood's greatest fear! Some actresses are worst than me, more exigent with the producers like Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johansson. Well if it's really the case, those who came to see me have enough personality to direct me. For example, I loved working with Peter Jackson and whatever he asks me, I'm in. And contrary to the common belief that a model can't act, people who see me on sets are surprised by my professionalism. Wherever people who think that modeling make girls stupid like it or not, I have an iron will, a zest for life and an unbelievable urge to have fun!

Well you're one of those enchantress women that imposed new beauty standards to the world ...
Thanks that's nice but a bit presumptuous. Yes I have curves but I'm a mum and I still think that beauty standards are unyielding. Don't be surprised then when stars ask to be touch up so their outline looks better in photos. And with all those silicone boobs around, they want you to have a perfect breast with as much ease as if they expect you to have a perfect brushing! I just say stop!

However, as one the Givenchy faces, you do that, don't you?
Not that much, because I consider that my weight as nothing to do with a fragance. And if my curves are not appreciate, so what? I am unable to be on diet. My daily life is stable with an excellent nutrition. The only way for me to loose weight, if I feel that I need to, is sport. Gym and pilates.

And what about your mouth? With such plump lips we could think about collagenes?
Never! Everybody thinks that but it's truly false. My lips are 100% natural, like my entire body. My mother has the same. It's a little bit like our family emblem. Only problem: it costs me a lot buying lipsticks! (laughts)

What would you really like to change in your job?
Honestly, until today I have been able to do everything that I wanted. Nothing really bored me. I avoid things that I don't appreciate like useless VIP parties or movies that don't interessed me. Nobody will force me to accept them, not now that I am a mother and that my first pleasure is to be home with Milo. The mistake in life is not to listen to ourself.

A few weeks ago, you divorced with Royston Landgon (musician from the Spacehog band), your husband for five years and Milo's dad. Are you nostalgic?
Nostalgic of our first years, yes, because we both had the impression to live something magical. And then, the daily routine came back. Leaving someone who you have loved is very difficult, but it was essential to move one. My family would say that during this last four years, my happiness of living with Royston wasn't obvious. But this sadness made me stronger, to fight for Milo, and then for my career. Because now it is not like when I was 20: I have two mouths to feed. Hopefully, for my son's sake, his father and I have been responsible grown up.

Would you like to have other children?
Don't go too fast. When I will find the perfect man, the unique one, we will talk about children again. It is an act of love more of the desire to be a mother. For Milo, I didn't liked to be pregnant. I was soo sick! Everything disgusted me. I couldn't eat nor smell anything. A real nightmare to finally arrive to every women's dream.

Are you afraid that being a mother won't let you live your women life?
No. That's the opposite, it will help me to be more feminine.

But it's complicated to meet someone when you already have a child, isn't it?
It wasn't easier before. As a public person, everybody thinks I am unreachable. But I am not worried. As my mother says: "You meet real people in the real life!"

After your divorce, are you ready to trust a men again?
Absolutly! I have lived beautiful stories and even if they all ended, I trust into my own destiny. Don't think I am an sad divorced woman! (laughts)

We feel like you are very into "family". Are you still close to your parents?
For them, I will aways be their baby, so they protect me. My mother (former model Bebe Buell) fought to take me away from the artistic world, and to avoid me to fall into excess of the job. If she wasn't there with me, I could be dead by now.

Are you talking about your father's excess, Steven Tyler, leader of the Aerosmith band?
Yes. Let says that it gave me that taste to do stupid things, but not to threatened my life. I saw a lot of his friends dying because of alcohol and drugs, sometimes at home. There were a lot of these things at home. But seeing those people on drugs disgusted me from those substances.

Last year you turned 30. Are you affraid of being old?
Seeing yourself getting older is not particulary nice, but plastic surgery will never be my help to get over it. I would like to continue to accept myself as I am. Fighting against the natural eldery is horrible and results are often scary.

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