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The first makeup tips I got from my father

by Andreas Renner, German Jolie, August 2008, Scans and translation by Little Red Riding Hood

Maybe also her serenity. The actress shoots one movie after the other, is always there for her son Milo and has a great relationship with her ex. How does she do it?

She seems to be in a good mood, wears a green strappy dress over her jeans and considers briefly before she says something. It might be because she drinks green tea by the litre - in any case, her appearance belays neither her separation from husband Royston Langdon nor the many days of shooting the action movie The Incredible Hulk. Jolie met a relaxed Liv Tyler for an interview at Loews Regency Hotel in New York.

Your first name Liv means "life" in Scandinavian languages. Are you a woman who enjoys life?
I love life. Especially since my three-year-old son Milo has been born. Being a mother is wonderful. The simple things in life make me happiest: preparing breakfast for my son, walking the dogs, or talking with friends.

Have you always known what you wanted out of life?
Not at all. Many people are surprised about how unsure I am. When I walk a red carpet, I'm often overstrained with the number of people calling my name. I know self-doubts well in private life and as an actress. When I went on a longer break from work I didn't know whether I would ever get offers again.

Is this the reason you're shooting one movie after the other, instead of just being a mother?
My son comes first. I choose my roles according to his needs. Therefore it can get stressful when I come home feeling exhausted after spending 12 to 20 hours a day on set. But I know: The next ten years belong to the most important ones of my career. And I want to develop in my job.

After separating from your husband Royston Langdon you're fending for yourself ...
... I'm not that alone. Royston still takes care of Milo. We've found a good basis.

Your mother was a model for Playboy, your father Steven Tyler is lead singer of the band Aerosmith. Was it only logical that you ended up in show business as well?
Probably. My mum had a whole lot of clothes and jewellery as a child this was paradise for me. Of course I wanted to be a model, at the age of 14 I had my first shootings. But I learned fast that a career in that particular line of business wasn't my kind of thing. I didn't like the huge pressure the models suffered from. One year later I started doing movies and felt much better with that.

You got to know your father when your were nine years old. What did you learn from him?
My first makeup tips I got from him. My dad is a beauty pro and knows every good moisturizer. (laughs) Apart from that he's a big child. The other day he played with Milo: He put all his rings and necklaces with skull symbols in a chest and buried it in the garden. The next day he told my son a treasure of gold was hidden outdoors. At night they both went out with flashlights and dug for the treasure.

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