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Liv on the cover of German Myself
Liv Tyler on ...

German Myself, September 2008

Actress Liv Tyler, 31, mother of son Milo, 3 years, about manifoldly usable creams and her second job as the face of Givenchy.

Liv Tyler on ...

1 ...Baby weight From the first moment of getting pregnant with Milo until his first birthday I intentionally didn't work. I wanted to be a mother - and not worry about my figure. After that losing weight was a real challenge, I'm still doing sports with my trainer David Kirsch.

2 ...getting older Recently I noticed that my eyes changed somehow, but that doesn't bother me. I've always cared for my skin, I love Créme de la Mer, I even use it on Milo.

3 ...Beauty-emergencies on film sets During the stunts at The Incredible Hulk it rained the whole time, it was dirty and I was sweaty. But the thoroughly Peeling Daily Microfoliant by Dermologica dwindled my pores back.

4 ...her work for Givenchy The best about it was the traveling to Dubai, Russia and Japan. So many differences, so many cultures, and all women have only one theme: Cosmetics!

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