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I run at 6 o'clock in the morning

German Shape Magazine, September 2008. Translation by Yougotthesilver

How Liv Tyler (31) handles her breakup and what she does when the coach isn't looking

Mrs Tyler, Hollywood loves you as the clever woman: In The Incredible Hulk you're an academic, in Reign Over Me a therapist. Purpose or Chance?
No idea, however, I often actually play an investigator. It doesn't have to do a lot with reality: Since I was 14 I work as a model and an actress and only have my highschool diploma. And it's working quite well for it, doesn't it?

It has disadvantages as well: After your break-up you couldn't go into hiding, but had to give interviews for your movies. How difficult was that for you?
For sure, there's much more pleasurable things. But other people can't stop working either just because they're breaking up.

Do actors learn to cope with something of the kind?
I can only say what I do in those cases: I hurl myself into sport, that detracts from problems and disburdens the head.

For the Hulk you enviably got yourself into shape. How did you prepare?
I had to run a lot. My coach David Kirsch and I created an exercising plan which arranged for running six kilometres, at least four times per week, at six in the morning. After 30 minutes of stretching.

A little early, but otherwise endurable.
Usualy there was an afternoon session too. Besides I had to go to strength training in the studio. Curls with little barbells, always ten reps. Abdominal muscle training. Then triceps excercises.

What did your menu-plan for this purpose look like?
Following David Kirsch's advice I gave up on the fries-and-hamburger-diet. (laughs) Instead I has avocados for breakfast, fresh fruit, muesli. For lunch I ate a lot of chicken and pasta.

Carbohydrates were allowed?
Yes, cause I had to fill up my power reserves for the runs. In the evenings I mostly had protein with vegetables fish, beans, fatless meat, for instance a steak.

And in return?
Applause from the coach. And whenever he wasn't there, some real Swiss chocolate that simply has to be.

Liv, do you believe that in an other life you'd have succeeded as a professional athlete?
I like sport and attach importance to it. But professionally? No way!

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