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The Beauty and The Beast

Chilean Cine Grama, July 2008, Photographs by James White, Scans by LivTylerFan.net, Translation by Liz from SexyStevenTyler.com

For the actress, The Incredible Hulk was harder than normal: she had to work until 20 hours per day, make debilitating digital scenes and even got divorced. Even she recognized that the green man always has been her favorite super hero.

Liv Tyler act with her eyes, is what people in Hollywood say. The Aerosmith's vocalist daughter has built up a filmography where her beauty was the key to start, but then started to sail thanks to her talent. Surpassed the bad time of the beginning where the parties and alcohol compromised her future and affected her physically, today she is back as the woman of The Incredible Hulk (2008), ready to give everything. In this exclusive interview, the artist revels details of the film and personal life.

How did you decide to accept the Hulk offer?
When I was little I loved Hulk. I got offered this part before it was finished which had me a bit nervous. However I feel lucky that I was offered this character: probably the best one in my career.

Better than The Lord of the Rings character?
That was a successful movie. I have worked also with very important directors. However, to me the best play is always the last one.

Were you convinced by Edward Norton directly?
I was really impressed for the quantity of scenes he wrote for me. He made a motivated work, big effort and as soon he called me I knew he thought on me. I always wanted to work with Edward, even the film was demanding, specially for me, to be a mother (her son Milo is 3). We worked from 12 to 20 hours per day. Sometimes two days 20 hours in a week and the scenes were very demanding in physical terms. We filmed on night, many times on the rain. Then came back home, when Milo was waking up at 7am. Then I stayed with him some hours, then I went to sleep.

Does the maternity changed your routine?
Be a mother is entering to a completely different universe and I am sure there are still surprises in the growing process.

Were you affected by getting divorced of your husband, the British musician Royston Langdon, a bit after the film was finished?
As you know, I don't speak of my private life, mostly now that anything I say could affect directly to my son.

Do you like to live in Manhattan?
My neighborhood has changed a lot. Before there were only families. Bleecker street only had a few sex shops and a video store, however, today you see a boutique next to each other and restaurants in every corner, plus the paparazzi that are on the street all the time. I can't even walk my dog! I had to hire someone to walk the dog!. People say I should move, but I love my house. I have this emotional connection with it. And also I think Im 30, I want to work. By one hand I dream to leave at north of the state, have a farm, by the other hand I have to think on the next ten years of my career, which are the most important. Really, the only thing I want is a house with a garden to be able to get out to play with my son in pajamas.

Any other dream?
I have a secret passion: act on a musical. My problem is that I have a bit of scenic panic. Maybe some day I would be able to do it. In this moment I am working to do what I do better, and that's movies. Even doesn't look like, films have a very intimate thing. There is a bunch of people watching on the set, when you are in front of camera, but all of them are in the background, the camera. So filming is at the end something intimate.

In this film you were the only main female character. How did you feel?
I don't know... I think Im use to it, it happens to me a lot not being surrounded by women on films. However there is another female character on Hulk and also there were a lot of women working on the film. When I was a kid, mostly all my friends were boys, so I am use to it.

Do you feel like you were playing with your friends to do a film like this?
Yes. Film is a collaboration work. When you see a production normally you let go by the movie stars, but the work of everyone is important and if something were missing you would note. Many times your stronger friendships are with people of the film team. We all joke, laugh and support on hard times.

The Hulk character was digital and yours were not. Edward Norton, in this aspect had less work...
He was going on holidays or walk around the biggest Canadian rivers while I was on the film set under the rain machine! Seriously, act with Edward was wonderful. He is such a good guy. I feel blessed to have worked with him. Always has been a fan of his work and have met him a bit before socially. Is very good because is a natural actor and also smart and writes complex stories, however his acting style is free, natural and fun. So we got a good dynamic between us.

And how was to act next to a character that wasn't next to you like Hulk?
Was interesting, is a very weird process. Honestly I just got focused on go to this kind of zone, where I could forget who I was to enter to this game of believe, fantasy, having this magical sensation while you do your things. Is like talking to you imaginary friend.

What do you like the most on Hulk compared to other super heroes?
Is funny, because I always felt more identified with Hulk. I watched the show on tv when I was a kid and I consider is not a super hero, is a man. A guy who has suffered something terrible and become on this monster, is not his choice to become a hero. I like because he has this conflict with himself and with what means to live with this dilemma. "Bruce" is a good person and you see how his wrath became in bravery. Is interesting and I believe that everyone can feel identified with fight against something of themselves to win.

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