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Liv on the cover of Spanish Glamour
I start again, single, and I am happy

Spanish Glamour, September 2008. Scans by Sanne. Translation by Liz

After her divorce, with a new life and new movie, the success is waiting for Liv. She says her support are her son Milo, her friends and of course, her work. In NY, the actress confessed to GLAMOUR that her sense of life is her family

She is back to the big screen like Kristen McKay, a character that will have to suffer a very big test of survival. Liv Tyler stars in the horror movie The Strangers. The 30-years old American actress, who played Arwen princess on TLOtr trilogy, just got divorced from singer Royston Langdon, the father of her son, 3-years old Milo. In New York and exclusively for GLAMOUR, we were able to interview to this woman of intense blue eyes, siren body and soft voice.

Are the horror movies fans going to enjoy this movie, The Strangers?
It is not only horror. It tells the relationship of this couple and how they move to a different dimension while the movie advances. When I read the script I fell in love with the story and wanted to sign immediately.

What scares you in real life?
Before I made this movie everything scared me. I remember living in Maine, in a very big house with my mother, I always looked under my bed. I still do that, when I go to a hotel, I check under the bed. Darkness also scares me, very much.

You just got divorced. I guess your son Milo is right now the center of your life...
My son is my biggest happiness. My priority at this moment is to protect him, from my divorce I don't want to talk about. I keep his routine, cook his dinner, take a bath with him, read for him... When Milo falls asleep, I read scripts and try to keep away from any party or event. To me, what really makes me happy is staying at home with my family, with my son, cooking for my friends.

Do you lose your patience easily?
I don't get to be upset too much, it is an emotion that I don't respond to too well, if I have to get upset on a movie I get scared because I don't know how to do it, for me it's easiest to get scared or to cry. Isn't that rare?

Where do you shelt on these difficult moments that you are living right now?
It helps me a lot to go to therapy, I usually go once per week. And my philologist has to literally kick me out of his office!

Does your friends help?
Friendship is very important in my life. Helena Christensen is on of my best friends. She is the perfect woman: has an store, decorates houses, is a great photographer, an excellent cook, her soups are delicious, is a creative lady and a wonderful mother.

Is it true that you are making a record?
Is something that I am thinking about. I don't know if I am going to do a record, but I would love to make a musical, has been my dream.

Have you recorded a song?
Last weekend I recorded a song with my dear friend Evan Dando (leader of alternative rock band The Lemonheads), however I don't know if is going to be edited someday.

You have some fame to be a great cook.
I love to cook. Lot of people feed their children with fast food, I never have bought anything to Milo, everything is made by myself.

You always wear dresses, are you very feminine?
I love dresses. And now they are on fashion! Steven Alan is my favorite designer. I have a lot of little dresses, I feel sexy and good on them, and wear them with sneakers, flats...

In Hollywood there is an stereotype of how women should look. However, it seems you have never fit on that stereotype.
I am who I am, I'm different to everyone and I don't feel the pressure you are talking about. It's not nice at all being called fat in magazines, of course I am like any other woman, when I see the models on magazines I feel insecure. But I am not going to stop eating because of that, or risk my health. The reason why people is beautiful is because they show just how they are.

Was a communication problem the cause of your divorce? Do you know how to communicate with men?
No type of communication is perfect. It doesn't happen with anyone. I have read lot of books about it, I have worked that aspect of my personality because in my life everything is about know how to communicate, with your son, your husband, your employees, with the director of a movie... If you say something in the wrong way, you pay for it. I am not a woman who speaks in an impulsive way or takes quick decisions.

What plans do you have for future?
The most important I have learned this year is to not make plans. Right now I try to live the moment and have personal goals: my son, his happiness, his health. And I want to grow up as woman and a human being.

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