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Spanish Glamour, July 2008, Scans and translation by Liz

The actress has a new movie, The Hulk and a new life after separate from her husband. But this girl can do it all

After two years without working and completely dedicated to her 3-years old son Milo, Liv Tyler is back to the big screen as Betty, the woman in love with the Hulk. Is one of the most expected films this summer. Just separated from her husband, the singer Royston Langdon, the actress talk specially for GLAMOUR.

You seem to be surrounded by men: in your family, the Hulk, The Lord of the Rings...
Honestly I am a bit tomboy, I like the things they like. By the other hand I am very feminine and I like clothes and make up, but always have had more male friends than female friends, even when I was younger. I think the only distance between men and women is the lack of communication. You have to be careful when talk to a man, you never know.

Why do you think the Hulk is so popular?
To me, Hulk is a great superhero, always have had empathy for him: a man resulted by a bad experiment who desperately try to cure himself. Hulk want to star a new life and make friends, is a good person that want to help and even is a hero, many people see him like a monster.

Do you react well to the daily problems?
Depends what are they like, but I am a though woman who knows how to defend. I rather to talk before yelling even I am not a woman that change constantly of humor.

How do you find the good balance between your career and the maternity?
I have lot of luck with my work. In Hulk I worked four month every day and then I did nothing in two months, just being with my son Milo and enjoy some holidays. Now I just spend the day watching cartoons, visiting museums, at the park... I am as much as my work allow me to be with my son.

You just separated from your husband. How are you dealing with it?
I can't and don't want to talk about it yet. They are very intimate feelings to me.

Liv, what are your plans for future?
Well, the most important I have learnt this year is to not make plans forever and live the present.

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