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Wedding ring goes to drawer

Polish Gala, September 2008, Translation by Pallavolla

Last few months were extremely tough for her. She divorced her husband, British musician, Royston Langdon.. However, she's far from sinking into despair. "I wanna act again" - she said. After maternity leave she's back on cinemas' screens. And thriller The Strangers proves she is on pretty good form

"I will make it. There are only two more laps left to go" - she thought. She sipped water, turned on her MP3 player and started to run around the Central Park. Very slowly at first, swinging her arms up and down, and then faster and faster. She felt she was in a very good shape now. No wonder. She's been training under her personal coach - David Kirsch's supervision for the last few months. She put away fattening donuts with strawberry icing and her favorite Italian pastas she loved gorging herself on while watching TV. She's done all of this in order to get back to the good figure she had before pregnancy and to make herself look even better wearing close-fitting dresses during premieres of her new movies. After three-year-break she decided to come back for good. "I was fed up with sitting in my house and wearing stretched tracksuits"-she confessed recently. She also said "Enough!" to her husband, Royston Langdon. At the beginning of May, shockingly for her relatives, she packed his suitcases and told him to leave their apartment in Manhattan.

The escape into loneliness

First reports telling something was wrong in their relationship appeared at the beginning of this year. Liv stopped talking about taking pleasure in looking after family in her interviews. "After three years spent with my child I started to miss acting. When Milo grew up a little I decided it was high time I got back to work" - she confessed. She also stopped talking about her feelings towards husband. Even though they still kept on appearing together on banquets, they didn't cuddle as affectionately as they used to do before. The bomb went off at the beginning of May when actress appeared alone and without wedding ring on her finger on Costume Institute Gala in New York. Speculations seemed endless. Liv smiled mysteriously and shrewdly started talking about something else anytime someone asked her why she was not wearing the ring from her husband for the first time in the history of their relationship. Everything became clear few days later when Liv's spokesman confirmed surprising information about actress' marriage break up. "It's true that pair decided to split but for the good of their son Milo, Liv and Royston Langdon remains in good relation."


Liv doesn't want to talk about the reasons of her marriage break up. "It's so tough, really. My heart is torn and I'm not ready yet to explain anything, especially in public." - she said. Anyway, journalists didn't give up. They tried, at any cost, to establish what happened, that one of the most exemplary and well-matched couples said "adieu" to each other. They remembered Bernardo Bertolucci's muse confessing Royston Langdon was her life greatest love and that they would never part. "I don't believe in divorces" - she declared in 2004, one year after marrying the musician in Barbados. One of Liv's friends told New York magazine's journalists that Liv hadn't felt happy in her marriage for a long time. That was why she decided to come back to acting. Making The Incredible Hulk and The Strangers became a kind of retreat from everyday-life for her. "She was sick of living with frustrated musician who managed to launch only one hit - In the Meantime in more than ten years of recording." "Liv was complaining that Royston reminded a leech stuck to her bank account." - she said. She added also that Royston limited Liv. He wanted her to sit at home with their son instead of getting back to work.

Will she sing and dance?

Is Liv decision about divorce eventual? We can only guess. What we know for sure is that this situation is not easy for the actress. It is said that she made an effort to save her marriage after talking to Gwyneth Paltrow in June. She didn't succeed. Anyway, Liv's talent fans shouldn't feel worried because of the problems in actress' private life. In fact, thanks to those problems, she decided to come back on the screen. "I wanna act again" - she said recently. She dreams also about having possibility to appear in movies quite different from those she made until now. She would love to sing in musical next year. Maybe this time possessive husband will not be an obstacle? Liv's father, 60- year old Steven Tyler, feels a great relief. He'd been really worried because of his daughter early "retirement".

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