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Liv on the cover of Joy magazine
Love is a Miracle

Czech Joy, October 2008, Scans by S1mone, Translation by Xmeda

After break caused by the birth of her son Milo, Liv Tyler is back on scene with all the parade. There are blockbusters Incredible Hulk and The Strangers in cinemas and also, she is face of cosmetic company

Incredible Hulk, where you play main hero's love, now collects success. What super capabilities would you like to have in real life?
I admit that I don't know. Maybe I'd like to fly. But I don't want to read other's minds.

Why not? Nobody can cheat on you ...
That's true, but life would not be surprising if I knew what and whom to expect. I'll save many frustrations for sure, but just those are moving our lives to go on ...

Who was your example if not superheroes?
Mum for sure. She was singer and model for a living, so we had plenty clothes, make-ups and drawers filled with various jewelry. Every time she went out, she told me not to dress in her clothes, but just after doors clapped, I ran to cabinet. And she always discovered that I was there. She treated me not as daughter but as friend. We talked about everything at home, she never indoctrinated me like other parents do, and this remains up to this day. Every time I have a problem, I'll go to mum to help me with solving it. And every time I'm on a visit, I got to her cabinet to check whatís new and if it suits me (laughs)

Haven't you miss your father?
You know about my father. Till 11y I thought Todd Rundgren is my father and then I discovered that Steven Tyler is my father. At first it moved my psychic a bit. But to date I consider Todd as my father and Steven as my good friend who I share genes with (laughs). But if I went in the track of them, I'll burn one joint after other and every night I'll have different mam in bed.

Aren't you obstructed with glory?
Glory came with Armageddon and LOtr trilogy. I'm proud of these films, but there are some other which I'm more proud of. Stealing Beauty or Silent Fall for example. But they are not very famous. People think that if you are famous, they can write everything about you. Until I had son, I didnít bother, but now I'm worried that by the time he grows up, he may read that and that it could plant some doubts if there is some truth on that.

Your fathers and mother are singers. You never considered singing?
My mom insisted that I would become a singer because I performed a lot. I really love to sing, but things went different and now I'm actress. But I can't deny I'll never get taste to record CD ...

What is the birth of Milo mean for you?
Maternity gave me big confidence I never met before. I stopped bothering about my doubts and weight. Child suddenly becomes the most important.

How your surround reacted on his birth? What Steven Tyler said on that he became a grandfather?
Family was happy. And dad was really mad about it. Since age 20 I was thinking about having a baby and what would it be ... and now I'm very happy that I can give him all that love I have.

How you choose his name?
I didn't know if it would be boy or girl. Name Milo still came back in my mind. So I did stick to it.

When you talked about weight, one time you told, you won't control it and if director force you to lose weight, you'll refuse that role. Really?
Of course. He engaging me due to my acting, not my look, right? If I'm supposed to play home-less and role would be interesting, I'll do it because it has sense then, but if somebody offers me role of mother and want me to have my modeling era weight, I won't do it. I'm content with my look.

Isn't this approach too revolutionary for Hollywood?
I consider myself as normal woman. I don't live in snobbish way. There is not a crowd of assistants and chauffeurs in front of my doors. I'm normal human.

Is it true that you are going to divorce with your husband Royston Langdon?
I really won't like to talk about that. I only can say, that we had some misunderstandings recently and that we keep trying to solve it gently and as good as possible due to Milo. Because he is the most important man in my life.

You become Givenchy face like Audrey Hepburn was. Aren't you worried by that a bit?
Audrey is absolutely irretrievable and I adore her and I'm a big fan of what she achieved in her life and in movies. This is unbelievable honor for me.

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