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LOtr Cast on MTV trL

Dec 2001, presenter: Carlson Daly

Part 1: Elijah Wood and Liv Tyler

Liv and Elijah Wood

[huge cheering]

Carlson Daly: Alight animals shut the hell up will ya! You guys are the worst, our guests just arrived!
Elijah: My god ...
Carlson Daly: Hi guys, nice to see you ... [more cheering]
Elijah: My my...
Carlson Daly: Happy holidays Elijah, how are you ?
Elijah: Thank you! Very well, very well.
Carlson Daly: I see you all the time now, the press for this movie, Lord Of The Rings, its out the 19th, is it overwhelming, its got to be overwhelming.
Elijah: It is overwhelming.
Carlson Daly: Are you sick of talking about it? I mean we love to hear what you have got to say about the movie but it must drive you nuts!
Elijah: Kind of! I think I've synopsised the film a million times, so ...
Liv: We've had like two weeks press so it's like all over the place ...
Elijah: But we love the film, so in that way it's easy to talk about.
Carlson Daly: Ok well we're amongst friends, so lets break it down a little bit. People are treating this like the Star Wars trilogy. You shot all 3 movies at once, right ?
Elijah: Yeah.
Carlson Daly: Did it feel like you were shooting 3 separate movies or did it feel like one giant epic ?
Liv: It was kind of like one giant movie because we shot totally out of sequence, so sometimes on one day we would shoot some of the 1st movie and some of the 3rd movie it was just kind of ...
Elijah: Out of control.
Carlson Daly: How long did it take ? Each movies going to be released ... ?
Elijah: Every year. It took 16 months. I lived in New Zealand for 16 months, so ... It was as much of a journey making the films as it was, you know ... In some ways I think it mirrored that of the book, which was amazing.
Carlson Daly: Now I'm like the only idiot who has never read the trilogy or the hobbit, like I have no idea! I cheated on all the high school red cliff notes. [laughter]
Elijah: Have you seen the film ?
Carlson Daly: I've seen nothing!
Elijah: Ok.
Liv: That's the good thing about the movie, you can go see the movie not having read the book and just be very happy and get everything ...
Carlson Daly: Is there any way to give the audience like a synopsis ...
Elijah: A taste, of what it's about.
Carlson Daly: ... yeah, of what's going on here.
Elijah: Basically it's about Middle Earth, which is a fictional place, that is in peril because the one ring, Sauron's ring – the kind of evil dark lord - is trying to get the ring back… Basically it's about Frodo, my character, who takes the ring, and the fellowship of nine take the ring to Mordor to destroy the ring and save Middle Earth... [laughs] I think that's it!
Liv: This most amazing small hobbit creature, like the smallest of all creatures is the only one that can really handle this.
Carlson Daly: How was New Zealand ? Cos that's an awfully long time to spend there.
Liv: Beautiful, really beautiful ...
Elijah: Beautiful.
Carlson Daly: Does the water in the toilet go [down] the other way?
Elijah: It does, it does.
Carlson Daly: That's the only question I wanted to ask them ... I have the entire cast here and I care about stupid crap like that. [laughter]
Carlson Daly: Did you go nuts ? Did you miss like the states, music and the Simpsons or anything ?
Elijah: I missed Mexican food, there was no Mexican food.
Carlson Daly: Nothing ? No burritos in New Zealand?
Elijah: They did but they were terrible, sorry ...
Carlson Daly: Did you eat roo ? Did they have Kangaroo ?
Elijah: No! That's Australia, a hop, skip and a jump away...
Carlson Daly: I just wanted to ask the phrase 'did you eat roo ?' [laughter]
Elijah: A lot of lamb though, lamb and deer.
Carlson Daly: Alright, fair enough ... The whole cast is here and it's like all guys!
Liv: Yeah, all guys ...
Carlson Daly: Was it like a boys club ?
Liv: Yeah it was really cute, they're just so nice to me - I'm spoilt rotten!
Audience goes 'awww' and Elijah puts his head on Liv's shoulder (shows how tiny he is!)
Carlson Daly: Oh that's nice.

Part 2: Elijah, Billy, Sean, Dom, Orlando & Liv Tyler

Liv and Orlando Bloom

Carlson Daly: OK put your hands together for the rest of the cast of LOtr, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom and Sean Astin!
[lots of cheering] They all hug Elijah and Liv and sit down
Carlson Daly: Have a seat fellas! Have you guys done this for like a movie special already ?
Dom: Yeah! We've done this for like the past 2 weeks...
Carlson Daly: It's great to have you guys here. Tell me about New Zealand, and being in the mountains in New Zealand, what was that all about ?
Billy: It was just beautiful ...
Carlson Daly: Were you shooting there ? Why were you there ?
Billy: Yeah! Well, you know ...
Sean: Cos they were there!
Orlando: Cos we were snowboarding ... [laughter]
Carlson Daly: What did you eat ?
Liv: The food was outrageous.
Carlson Daly: Outrageous ? Good or bad ?
Liv: Just so delicious, it's like you get so chubby and happy there.
Dom: Really good, yeah.
Sean: It's all about sheep ...
Carlson Daly: They don't serve sheep!
Sean: 33 million sheep and 3 million people in New Zealand, it's all about sheep. [laughter]
Carlson Daly: What does it taste like... chicken ?
Sean: Erm ... like chicken! [laughter]
Elijah: Like frogs legs ...
Carlson Daly: It's like sheep jerky.
Sean: [laughing] You don't say that in New Zealand, means something different out there! [laughter]
Carlson Daly: Oh it does ? Thank god I don't have a vacation, I'm certainly not going there ... Did you all go to Australia on vacation ?
Dom: No, the 4... the 3 hobbits and Orli, went to the Star Wars set, busted some moves ...
Carlson Daly: And how was that ? Cos obviously there's a lot of talk about the Star Wars trilogy and LOtr ...
Elijah: It was strange, I think they thought we were weird, cos we refer to each other as hobbits, and the elf, so they were like 'you guys are way to close to your own worlds', it's a bit strange.
Orlando: There's no room for hobbits and elves here ...
Carlson Daly: They probably didn't build the sort of camaraderie that you guys did, literally, on the set while making the trilogy that you guys did, they were probably more actors, but Elijah explain the kind of bond, when you're shooting 3 movies, that you have with your fellow cast mates.
Elijah: Um, incredible – we all became brothers, family, you know ... We had about 6 weeks before we started filming, just to kind of train and get ready for the journey, and that was like every day together, then we spent all of our free time together so, I mean ... best mates in the world.
Carlson Daly: So now that it's over, what do you do ? Do you call each other, stay in touch ?
Elijah: Oh yeah, absolutely ... I mean we're constantly having to do press as well, so that brings us together, and these guys are moving out to Los Angeles ...
Orlando: We touch each other.
Dom: We do touch each other. [laughter]
Carlson Daly: Yeah I just noticed that, I just saw that.
Elijah: Well it's a hobbit kind of thing.
Dom: Can I just apologise on TV for poking that girl over there in the eye when I came in – the lovely girl with the 'I love New York' T-shirt is it? Oh 'I love The Calling'. [laughing] I poked her in the eye when I came out! BANG 'oh I'm sorry!'
Elijah: Oh mate!
Dom: I'm sorry!
Carlson Daly: OK well people might not know LOtr, so lets start with you Sean, and go down the line, and sort of describe your character in the film.
Sean: I play Sam, Sam is a hobbit, and basically I'm Frodo's gardener, and if he needs anything on the trip I'm sort of there for him.
Elijah: He's got his back.
Dom: I play Merry, who's also a hobbit ...
Orlando: The gayest of all hobbits.
Dom: [smiling] ... the gayest of all hobbits, as Tolkien said.
Carlson Daly: Is that a happy hobbit or a gay hobbit ? [laughter]
Dom: Yeah, a happy hobbit! And he's another one of Frodo's companions, you know, a protector and a cheeky kind of chappy, very good mates with Billy!
Billy: And I play Pippin, and yeah Pippin's best friends with Merry, and we cause a lot of trouble.
Orlando: And I play an elf, Legolas, and I'm one of the nine of the fellowship, representing the elves, and I offer my bow to Frodo, to protect him with that, kind of my weapon of choice, my signature ...
Sean: He's wicked with the bow.
Liv: I'm Arwen, the elven princess ...
Orlando: ... and I have a crush on Arwen, the elven princess.
Dom: We all have a crush on Arwen!
Liv: Aww!
Orlando: She's the elven princess, what are you gonna do!
Carlson Daly: Before we get to Elijah, were there any other female principals on the set ?
Liv: Yeah, there were 2 – Cate Blanchett and Miranda Otto ...
Carlson Daly: Your time wasn't solely with the boys here... some female love in a year.
Liv: Well there were loads of women on the crew and stuff, but as far as the cast goes I was there the most.
Dom: But she's ... you're a boy-girl, you love being a boy.
Liv: I am a boy-girl ... except for they pinch my butt and lift my skirt up and do sort of rude things all the time! [laughter]
Orlando: It's all lies!
Carlson Daly: OK Elijah, lets finish off with you.
Elijah: I'm Elijah, I play Frodo Baggins, the ring bearer and I basically ... aww ... Liv purrs at him I take the ring to Mordor to have it destroyed.
Carlson Daly: Do we need to set up the clip or just play it ?
Elijah: Erm the clip, the clip, the clip ... what is the clip ?
Dom: Brandywine Bridge.
Elijah: Is it Brandywine Bridge ? Being chased by ringwraiths.
Carlson Daly: LOtr, the entire cast is here on trL, it's out on Dec 19th.
[cheering] Plays LOtr clip

Part 3: Elijah, Billy, Sean, Dom, Orlando & Liv Tyler

Dominic Monaghan, Sean Astin, Billy Boid, Liv, Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom

Carlson Daly: Here's some questions to prove how well you really know each other, the first one's for Sean - who's favourite movie's Rushmore, Sean ?
Orlando: Elijah
Billy: Sean!!
Dom: He said Sean!
Orlando: Did he ?
Carlson Daly: Is that correct ? Yeah that's correct... Great movie. Next one's for Billy. Who's favourite thing to eat on set was a subway meat ball sandwhich ?
Billy: [in American accent] Subway meatball, would that be ... Sean Astin ? [cheers]
Liv: Oh that was hard (!)
Carlson Daly: No sheep meatball, just the subway meatball right ?
Dom: And like 25 of them
Sean: Yeah at a time
Carlson Daly: Elijah, this one's for you. Who's said their favourite band was The Beatles ?
Elijah: That would be Dominic Monaghan, that's right
Carlson Daly: Impressive
Billy: Nice
Carlson Daly: You do know each other pretty well. Orlando, for you, who said their favourite band is the Smashing Pumkins ?
Orlando: Oh that's Elijah
Elijah: That's right
Carlson Daly: Elijah how much does it suck that like they just don't play anymore
Elijah: It's very sad. I actually went and saw Zwan, in LA, Billy [Corgan]'s new band
Carlson Daly: How was it ?
Elijah: Unbelievable, really, really good
Carlson Daly: It's like Rage Against The Machine and the Pumkins, two of the greatest bands ...
Elijah: Sad, so sad. Their greatest hits is great, lots of new added material ...
Carlson Daly: Alright. This last one is for Dominic. Who spent most of their time golfing when they were not shooting ?
Dom: Sean Astin
Carlson Daly: Yes, exactly right! Alright, how about a round for the cast, we'll talk more in a second ...
Sean: They [the games of golf]'re to work off the meatball sandwhiches
Carlson Daly: You and I need to go play a little golf ... [introduces music video]
[plays music video]
Carlson Daly: Before we let the cast go, everybody who comes here, who's in movies, has to do our 15 second human trailer ... it's not so much the hard sell and what's it about, it's just you and the camera, all the MTV kids at home, and why they need to see this movie, or the trilogy for that matter ... Put it in your own words please, lets have 15 secons on the clock ... I'll get out of the way, and Sean can begin
Sean: The Lord Of The Rings is an important literally classic that everyone throughout the last 50 years, who's been steeped in English history knows is a valued ... [while poor Sean is talking, all the guys are messing around behind him; they all start dancing like fools, Dom and Orlando start humping everyone, and Billy tries to seduce the camera!]
Carlson Daly: There we are, the fellowship, thank you very much, nice to meet you guys! Thanks to Elijah Wood, Liv Tyler and the entire cast of Lord Of The Rings!

Liv and Dominic Monaghan, Sean Astin, Billy Boid, Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom