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Liv on the cover of Dutch Marie Claire
New Life, New Liv

Dutch Marie Claire, November 2008, Scans by Ambergirl, Translation by Nick Magnus LivTylerFan.net

Liv Tyler is back from being away, determined to make herself a career after her divorce and being very open. "It's a weird time, like I'm walking on a road, without having a clear direction."

After a silence from a couple of years, Liv Tyler (31) appeared again on the red carpet. According to her own style, which cannot be copied by anyone else, she appeared in remarkable creations, like an over-sized sweater dress with shoes from Stella McCartney and a funky dress made off blue satin. Fashion statements she can only sell to the critics. But privately she also follows her own direction with fake-fur, capes, parka's and short pants over a maillot: from the sort 'slacker chic' that fits her like haute couture. It seemed that for a while she was suffering from 'modellaziness'. "If you are always dressed up by others, it seems meaningless to make something from it yourself." But nowadays she has rediscovered her style and privately it also seems to go better. New live, new Liv: "I'm not ready to talk about my divorce", she says. "Everything I say will also affect my son and I want to protect him from that. But under the circumstances it is going well with me. I like life, just the little things. Waking up, getting dressed, making dinner I enjoy it. Being alone has some strange beauty in itself.


Several years with a lot of turmoil have passed for Tyler. Being a teenager among rock stars, becoming a model at the age of fourteen... And of course mother Bebe Buell, who let her believe that her father was rocker Todd Rundgren, until Liv found out that she looked a lot like her mother's friend Steven Tyler and his daughter Mia. "Becoming a model was not a dream or a decision", she says. "I was not skinny, I colored my hair, had braces, and one year later I suddenly looked inches longer and skinny. My mother was at that time working as a photographer and on occasion made a picture of me. People started asking: 'Who's the girl on the picture?'." Modeling followed and Liv had her breakthrough together with Alicia Silverstone in the video clip Crazy from her father's band Aerosmith and at the age of sixteen she had her first role in Stealing Beauty from Bernardo Bertolucci. This way she rolled into the work of Hollywood: movies, interviews, a relation with Joaquin Phoenix and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, held her busy. She married musician Royston Langdon and went with him on his tour.


When Liv got pregnant in 2004, she stopped working to prepare for the coming of her son Milo, she has with Royston. After delivery she stayed home to take care of Milo. However it wasn't an easy decision for Liv. "I'm like a horse, I have to work every day. I really love to work hard. For everything I do, I must get the feeling that it has any meaning. But when I got my son, I felt for the first time proud of myself. My whole life I was acting and letting people take my picture. Getting a baby and creating a family gave me a feeling I never experienced before: that I really achieved something good. In the past few years a lot has changed and I realize that my decisions are influenced because I am a mother now. I used to go on audition and I let it all happen, so to speak. But when I started working again this year, after being away for a few years, I choose knowingly for the things that I really wanted to do. I now behave myself like an adult with a real profession, compared to a few years ago." It's clear that this attitude has not disappointed Liv in any way. After the success of The Incredible Hulk and The Strangers, a sequel has been announced to The Strangers, she will star in The Half Of Two Lives, which is based on the biography from writer Alison Waley, and rumor has it she might be in an Italian movie about Fellini (Black & White). But aside that, she does modeling for GAP on a giant board above Times Square, and Givenchy renewed her contact as their face of Givenchy perfumes. She can now been seen world-wide for Givenchy's new fragrance 'Absolute Irresistible'.


Bon vivant, style icon. Liv her personality is perfect for the new perfume from Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible, for which she is modeling. "Liv is no conventional beauty, but a real personality", Alain Lorenzo from Givenchy stated. "Her style and humor fit perfectly to our image." Liv herself also had a substantial influence on the campaign. "After signing the contract for Givenchy five years ago, I got to this beautiful suite in the George V Hotel in Paris. The room was filled with wonderful presents: champagne, flowers, perfumes, a handbag I was so excited, that I started jumping on the bed. Well that image we put now in the new campaign."


Her career is going well, but privately it is not that perfect. Getting back to work happened at the same time she and Royston decided to break up their marriage in May this year. However their representatives made a statement that they separated, but remain good friends and devoted parents to their son, rumor has it Liv was irritated that Royston had no real income of his own and that they were married too young. "There is not much room for romance if you have a child", she said to OK! Magazine a week before rumors of a split were leaked. "You don't get enough sleep and you do not have enough time for each other. It is definitely a transition period." Now she lives alone in her apartment in the West-Village of Manhattan, however 'alone' is a relative term with a son of four running around. "The most important for me is that Milo knows that I'll always be here for him, even if we sometimes live like gypsies," she says about her current life. "We are home for a few months and then we move for three months to Toronto. 'Mama works at night in a caravan', he says about what I do. The implications are maybe not that fantastic... But film sets are full of caravans and I always take him with me. I believe it is good for him that I'm always around."


Tyler admits that she is searching for the right direction, now it is no longer determined by her relation. "My mother always said to me that you can fall and get hurt, but you just brush your knees and get going again. But for the first time it is a lot harder to get back up and move on. I can make myself crazy by thinking that I actually not know what I am doing. I try to give a place to all the new things in my life. I do not feel calm and under control. I might feel as neurotic as Woody Allen. I am a Cancer and sometimes I have the idea that I am a Crab without a shell. I feel the pain and the loss of everything and try to actually experience that. Every day is a day, I try to be the best mother for my son. but it is a weird time: like I'm walking on a road with no direction." How she values her chances of survival? "O, good, I just love my therapist", she says. "If I can find the time, I lay down once a week on his couch. Life is at the moment filled with 'aha-moments', at which things gets clear to me which actually already were clear. And those moments are every time again a step into the right direction."

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